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Prestige Class Caps[edit]

If you have levels in a class and take a level in a prestige class, you cannot gain levels in that class beyond 10th level. You may still take levels in other classes but the amount of levels you have in any class may not exceed 10.

For example

Aeric is an 8th level fighter that takes a level in the Weaponmaster prestige class at 9th level. He is now a fighter 8/Weaponmaster 1 and his fighter levels cannot exceed 10th level. Although, Weaponmaster is a prestige class that only goes up to 5th level, so he still has 5 levels to go until 20th, which will have to be filled with another class or prestige class.

You also cannot take a level in a prestige class that you could not complete with the amount of levels you have until 20th.

For example

Cassidy is a level 11 fighter, so they are now unable to take any levels in a prestige class with 10 levels, such as Seeker of Truth, but she can still take levels in a prestige class that has less than 10 levels, such as Weaponmaster.


All classes enter Tier III play at 11th level, giving them a nice big power buff, in the form of 6th level spells or a nice damage boost or other good buff. This prestige class is mainly to avoid power-gamers taking a 11 levels in any class, for example fighter and then taking a level in a prestige class that requires 10 levels to be taken. Since the 1st level of one of these prestige classes should be on par with any 11th level feature, but can be acquired by just taking one level, this is obviously problematic.

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