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Prehensile Toes [Mutation]

Prerequisite: At least two free Mutation Points (MP) as defined under Mutation Points. At least two intact feet/paws with toe-style digits (if the character only has one intact foot/paw, the effect can still be taken, but has greater limitations- see Special).
In addition, all the benefits listed below (except where noted) are completely negated if the character is wearing any kind of socks or footwear.
Benefit: This mutation alters the bone and muscle structure of the character's feet, extending the length of the toes and adding a greater amount of control to them. The character's toes are now prehensile.

This requires some getting used to if it was not present at birth, and all DCs related to Prehensile Toes are doubled for the first 1d4 days after acquiring the mutation.

The character can now grab and hold objects in their toes as in Prehensile Tail, although the same limitations apply as regard that mutation. The toes are not dexterous enough to perform tasks that require fine motor control, like operating a cell phone or firing a weapon, though simple weapons held by them (like knives or clubs) can be swung at an enemy. All attacks made this way suffer from a 2d4 DC penalty due to the difficulty of making them while keeping balance, unless the character's natural Dex score is over 40 or the character is currently not relying on any of his limbs for support (examples: low-gravity environments, hanging by a rope or Prehensile Tail, in freefall, being held off the ground by another character or object, etc.), in which case they simply suffer a 1d4 DC penalty.

Characters with Prehensile Toes can also "hang" from larger objects in the same manner as those with Prehensile Tail. In addition, characters with prehensile fingers as well as toes can clamber about from object to object provided that they are in reach (reach meaning a distance equal to one-sixth of the character's normal movement distance). This movement requires a DC 20 Climb check for the first move and a DC 15 check for every move after. The character can also elect to use both hands and feet to climb, which will result in lowering the DC check to 10 for all moves after the first (the initial DC 20 check remains unchanged). If any check is failed, the move is not made. If the check is failed by more than 5, the character loses their grip and falls to the ground, taking damage as described by the appropriate table.

A character with Prehensile Toes can hang from an object with no problems for six turns, at which point they must begin making DC 15 Climb checks to stay hanging. If a creature attempts to move from object to object, they must immediately start making Climb checks (as described above) each turn whenever they attempt to move OR hang in place (this is altered by the Extra Digits variation; see Special).
Normal: This, as my Extra Digits variation, is not a feat but a Mutation alternative. Unlike Extra Digits, it does not replace any specific part of the rollchart, and should be incorporated as the DM sees fit or possible.
Special: Unlike with Extra Digits, Prehensile Toes do not necessitate any serious changes to equipment in order to accommodate (although the increased toe length may require an increase in shoe size). It is also one of the easiest mutations to conceal, and as such when attempting a disguise, Prehensile Toes only offer a -1 penalty rather than the -2 normally associated with Major and Minor Mutations.

Prehensile Toes has numerous stack benefits with the modified Extra Digits, though neither mutation requires the other per se. A character with Extra Digits and Prehensile Toes gains a serious bonus to climbing checks- when hang-walking with only the feet, the initial Climb DC is decreased to 15 and the subsequents to 10. When walking with hands as well as feet, the initial DC is decreased to 10, though the subsequents stay the same.

In addition, the hang time without DC checks is now increased to become indefinite, and the checks while moving are not applied until after the first move attempt (this does not circumvent the initial DC roll- it is simply applied to the second move attempt rather than the first).

Problems, however, do now exist. The combined oddity of Prehensile Toes and Extra Digits makes the character's feet quite odd-looking. The conceal DC penalty for Prehensile Toes, when combined with Extra Digits, is bumped back up from -1 to -2 (this is in addition to the existing -2 inherent to Extra Digits). Worse still, the odd foot shape necessitates that footwear must be either modified or custom-made in order to fit. This is essentially the same as making the object into a Masterwork object, with similar results. Also of note is that unlike most resultingly Masterwork objects, any objects altered in this way will become nigh-on unusable to people without similar mutations.

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