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Extra Digits [Variation on Mutation]

The cosmetic mutation Extra Digits is now considered a Minor Mutation, and as such its consequences and effects are altered to those described below.
Prerequisite: At least two free Mutation Points (MP) as defined under Mutation Points. At least one hand/paw with intact finger-style digits and/or one intact foot with intact digits.
Benefit: As the existing Extra Digits, this mutation gives the affected character an extra digit on all that character's hands and feet. Unlike the current Extra Digits, however, these additional digits have a distinct use.

Hands: The character sprouts an additional opposable digit (I.E. thumb) opposite from the existing one. If the character had no opposable digits prior to gaining this mutation, they now grow one on the interior edge of all their hands.

Due to the critical nature and common use of the hands, this mutation is quite unsettling at first. If the mutation is not gained at birth, becoming used to the new digits takes 1d4 days. Until that time has passed, the character takes a 1 DC hit to all checks related to use of their hands (if the character is quadrupedal, apply the Adjustment Period: Feet effects as seen below. This will stack with the effects as relate to the feet).

For characters who had previously lacked an opposable digit and were incapable of the motions and actions associated with such, they are now capable of performing said actions. For characters who already possessed opposable digits, they now have a greatly increased grip and control over held items. All DC checks to disarm against this character are increased by 3, and all checks related to them losing their grip for any reason (Climb checks, Grapple checks, Reflex saves as relates to ramming, etc.) are increased by 2.

This bonus can only be negated if the character loses all their associated limbs or hands.

Feet: All the character's applicable feet, similarly, gain an additional "big toe"-type digit opposite from the existing one. If no such digit existed (I.E. all toes were of the same makeup and length), this mutation simply adds another digit. The digit's position is technically in an opposable position to the rest of the character's toes, but otherwise behaves like a normal toe (unless stacked with Prehensile Toes (D20 Modern Feat); see below and that article).

The additional toe improves the character's ability to balance on its feet once the change is gotten used to (if mutation is gained via radiation or some other trauma; if gained at birth, no adjustment period exists), a process which takes 1d8 days following the character's first attempt to walk after gaining the mutation. During this adjustment period, the character is unused to the change and as such takes a 2 DC hit to all Balance checks, as well as a 5 foot decrease in their maximum movement speed.

Once the change is acclimatized, however, the negative effects are removed. The characters now receive a 2 DC bonus to all Balance checks, and a 1 DC bonus for all Swim checks (for each foot). If this effect is combined with the Prehensile Toes (D20 Modern Feat), all DC checks associated with that feat have their difficulty decreased by 2.
Normal: Technically not a feat, this is simply a change to the cosmetic mutation Extra Digits as seen here. It replaces the current Extra Digits on the rollchart.
Special: As noted, this feat is not a feat per se, but rather a variation on a mutation. Due to the lack of a Homebrew Mutations section, however, I have arranged it under the feat template.

If your character is seriously suffering in the Dexterity area and you have two Mutation Points free, this feat is a nice choice. And if you're going for Prehensile Toes (mentioned earlier), it's practically a must. This combination is perfect for creating the sort of freakish ceiling-walker that haunts the dreams of everyone who's ever played Metal Slug 2, Gears of War, or most of the Zelda games.

One final note: characters with this feat are going to have to work to get proper gear- while most footwear shouldn't vary enough to warrant specially made equipment, that extra thumb can be a pain. Any and all gloves/gauntlets/what have you acquired by the player will have to be customized to fit or made specially for their freakish hand (the same can be done for weapons and the like, though no penalties are exacted for not doing so). This is essentially the same as making the object into a Masterwork object, with similar results. Also of note is that unlike most resultingly Masterwork objects, any objects altered in this way will become nigh-on unusable to people without similar mutations.

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