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Precognition (Wis)[edit]

You receive visions of future events.

Requirements: Clairsentience feat, can be used untrained

Check: You can get glimpses into the future, as if you were actually present at a particular future event. The visions you receive are by no means assured: The future can be changed by the actions of those in the present. You can use this power in three ways.

Active Precognition: You can attempt to see the future of a particular person, place, or object with which you are in contact (including yourself). You must be able to see or touch the subject of your power. This requires a full-round action and a Precognition skill check.

Spontaneous Visions: Second, your Precognition may spontaneously activate at the GM’s discretion when you are in contact with a subject with particularly strong “vibes” or there is a momentous event approaching in the future. This also requires a Precognition skill check.

Danger Sense: Finally, whenever you would normally be surprised in combat, you can make a Precognition check (DC 15). If successful, you are not surprised and can take an action during the surprise round.

The Gamemaster should make Precognition checks secretly so the player doesn’t necessarily know if a particular vision was accurate or not. Consult the table below for the results of a precognitive vision, based on the skill check.

DC Result
10 A vague vision of the future that may be accurate.
15 An accurate glimpse at the future.
20 Awareness of how long before a particular event occurs.
25 Awareness of the people involved in a particular future event.
30 Awareness of the time, subjects, and location of a future event.
35 Near-complete knowledge of a particular future event and everything involving it.

Things seen in precognitive visions generally count as slightly familiar in terms of familiarity, possibly more if the vision was long or extremely accurate (in the GM’s opinion).

Special: You can take 10 on Precognition checks, but you can’t take 20.

Time: Precognition is a full-round action.

Strain: 9 for active precognition, 1 for spontaneous visions, 0 for danger sense.

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