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PL 5/6 GDI/Nod 7.92x54mm Vervack R59 'Pierce' Sniper Rifle (Personal Firearms)

Damage 2D10 Magazine 4 round Box
Critical 18-20 x3 Size Medium
Damage Type Ballistic Weight 10 lbs.
Range Increment 150 ft. Purchase DC 22
Rate of Fire Semi-Automatic Restriction Mil (+3)


This rifle is quite compact, can be easily broken down for transport and fires highly damaging armour-piercing bullets, using detachable four round box magazine. Additionally, the scope in this series of rifles is outfitted with an integrated directional microphone and passive night vision module. It is generally a very effective weapon against enemy infantry, as a headshot meant instant death. Like all other anti-personnel weaponry, this firearm was somewhat effective against lighter vehicles but did near-unnoticeable damage to heavier tanks.

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