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A mark refers to a distinguishing feature of the character that is not the norm, and sets him apart from others. For some characters they may be known by this mark - Eric the Red Axe, or Beatrice Scarhand.

d12 Mark Description
1-4 None There is no one distinguishing mark that sets you apart.
5 Tattoo(s) A tattoo or tattoos that are unique enough or extensive enough to set you apart.
6 Jewelry A piece of jewlery that is unique or unusual such as a nose chain or rhino-head ring.
7 Scar(s) Scar or scars savage or extensive enough to be memorable. Could also be missing part.
8 Weapon A weapon with unusual styling such as a red axe or spear with the head carved like a wasp sting.
9 Armor Armor with a design that sets it apart and makes it stand out in a crowd.
10 Item Any of a myriad of things that might be memorable such as a silver flute or an elaborate plumed hat.
11 Body Paint Pigments applied to the body in great enough quantity to seem unusual.
12 Mannerism Any of a wide range of odd behavior such as howling at stray cats or chewing on leather belts.

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