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This is a variant of performing sacred rites. Instead of spending time being religious, a player could be a pagan and buy his graces with cold, hard cash. It gains less inspiration, as it is less "magically holy", but also allows the player to make some small improvement upon the world. By spending at least 10 days donating your time and money, (In the form of lifestyle expenses one rank higher than the lifestyle you are living at; you sustain yourself for free) you can improve a single neighborhood or local community in some way. In return, the character gains inspiration at the start of each day for the next 1d6 days. Work with the DM to determine the impact your philanthropy has had on the world. Maybe you hired some stone cobblers to pave the awful dirt road, or you helped re-roof the local orphanage, or maybe you just put on a free public event to raise spirits! Whatever it is, it should be small, philanthropy changes the world in bits and bites, not colossal revisions. The lifestyle chosen should also be accounted for; while a donation of a poor lifestyle may only be able to do simple things like hiring a rat-catcher, a wealthy or aristocratic donation may be able to do things like build walls and small buildings. If a player wants to make a particular change to the world, consider how much such a change may cost, and use the lifestyle donation that seems most appropriate. A PC who spends a great deal of time on philanthropy, making many changes over a long period of time, can slowly build a community into a thriving utopia through their charity.

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