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Greater Deity
Symbol: Seal of Pervortia
Home Plane: The Great Love-Nest
Alignment: Neutral Good / True Neutral
Portfolio: Sex, Love, Lust, Desire, Fantasy, Mind
Clergy Alignments: Neutral Good, Lawful Good, Chaotic Good, Lawful Neutral, True Neutral, Chaotic Neutral
Domains: Creation, Magic
Favored Weapon: Whip


Twenty billion years ago, Pervortia was a very popular goddess who proclaimed that if everyone gave into their emotions and embraced the pleasures of life that they wouldn't be as insecure and unhappy all the time. She never had the brightest of followers or clerics writing doctrines and decrees for her, but a goddess hosting exquisite orgies and having entire temples devoted to sex attracted followers regardless of how flawed her philosophy was.

She took it upon herself to not only educate people about sex but to encourage it between people. Her hobby was to get mortal enemies to fall in love if she could manage it. Oftentimes she would send her priestesses and followers to go matchmaking and to encourage reproduction and sex.

Followers are encouraged to be polygamous. For the sake of hereditary rulers, this was appealing as it helped ensure a suitable heir to the throne. It was even rumored in ancient texts that she would join notable couples during coitus if their passion was strong enough.

In some cases, she has been known to even enable incestuous relations by preventing genetic breakdown or birth defects. But her experiments with this in mortals has been met with very mixed results and she isn't as prone to doing this as much anymore.

Pervortia advocates nearly every fetish out there except for a select few that include but are not limited to: rape, necrophilia, coprophilia, and fetishes involving the prepubescent.


Pervortia's rules for her followers are detailed in this section. They were purposefully left vague to avoid them becoming outdated and so that they could be interpreted with each situation in a more flexible manner. Pervortia doesn't expect total obedience or loyalty, but she does reward it.


  • Love others and yourself.
  • Respect others and yourself.
  • Learn from others and yourself.
  • Listen to others and yourself.
  • Help others and yourself.
  • Live healthily and happily.
  • Have sex regularly and often, trying out new things and seeking out love wherever you can.

Do Not[edit]

  • Murder others or yourself.
  • Disrespect others or yourself.
  • Lie to others or yourself.
  • Steal from others or yourself.
  • Rape others or yourself.
  • Live unhealthily or unhappily.
  • Ignore others or yourself.

Bear in Mind[edit]

  • The rules are not absolute, they sometimes must be bent to reach the best solution possible or mortally attainable. Having said that, try to stay as true to them as possible.
  • Violations of the rules become more and more of a moral concern when they become a pattern / habit. Distribute justice with mercy and understanding to isolated incidents and/or ones beyond the control of those involved.
  • Do not hate yourself for violating the rules, just try to do better in the future.

Concepts of Purity and Hedonism[edit]

Pervortia does not view debauchery as amoral but rather encourages the indulgence in that which makes one happy, so long as it does not harm others or oneself. For instance, her followers can have as much sex and get as drunk as they want as long as someone doesn't get hurt in the process.

Purity is a moot-point with Pervortia and her clergy. It is dismissed as a carrot-on-a-stick with unrealistic expectations and definitions that cause for those who chase it to become heartbroken and sometimes non-believers as a result. Sex is not considered evil, but rape is.

Being a virgin is not considered to be nearly as important as other cultures stress it to be. Instead virginity is considered a mark of childhood. Something that is done away with once a person learns of sex and is deflowered. It is not seen as a loss of innocence, since sex is not considered evil to begin with. Loss of virginity via rape is not considered to be the victim's fault, but as a sad result of a crime perpetrated by the rapist. Any fear of diseases can be easily assuaged by a visit to a priest or priestess.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

About 60% of Pervortia's clergy was female and 35% were hermaphrodites transformed by her as a form of promotion, with the remaining 5% being male. She has no problems with accepting outsiders into her faith or anyone conscious enough to choose to do so. Anyone who converts to Pervortia's faith and makes a devotion to her as a cleric or paladin is said to be instantly blessed with good looks by her after a ceremonial session of coitus with an aspect of her.


Temples to Pervortia were usually kept very warm and humid and were adorned with all kinds of erotic paintings, statues, tapestries and more. They were used as meeting places for local communities and made their money from priests and priestesses offering their skills in coitus for a fee, which contributed to their great success.


Pervortia's clergy acted as matchmakers, conducted weddings, taught the youth of sex, and acted as diplomats and moderators in disputes. Some of them were also been known to specialize as sexual healers, a specialty sect that Pervortia encouraged and actively recruited for. She does not have a favored weapon and looks down on violence, but begrudgingly accepts it as a necessity on rare occasion, encouraging her clerics to use restraint as much as possible but not dictating what weapons or armor they should use. That being said, the closest thing to a weapon that Pervortia has been known to carry was a whip made of divine metal and shining gemstones of unknown power. Most priests and priestesses were enchanted to be protected from the elements by Pervortia and walked around in the nude apart from magnificent jewelry and piercings they were endowed with.


Pervortian paladins were extremely rare, having only been called into service during times of need for Pervortia. They were usually called to defend temples, large families blessed by Pervortia, or were deployed in groups to spread love and sex to a community that she deemed to be in need of it. She also was known to have paladins act as guards to particularly devout communities. Paladins belonged to various orders that were loyal to Pervortia, each with their own code of conduct and regulations that they were required to follow.


Monks that followed Pervortia were seekers of balance between the inner world and the outer world. They were masters of the art of sex and of combat, wishing to better understand love and war and how to live in a world where both are present. They tended to guard archives and caches belonging to Pervortia's clergy in remote locations. But various monasteries broke from this norm and were known to be located in all sorts of locales as their individual focuses varied as well.

Rankings of Devotion[edit]

Pervortia does not require her followers to try to climb the rankings, but created them once she attracted very very devoted followers and began to become more and more popular, as a means of organizing the situation. These are rankings personally given by her and are generally only given to members of the clergy and/or paladins. Generally the more devoted a cleric or paladin is, the more Pervortia tends to reward them. Paladins and clergy devoted to pervortia are granted everlasting youth as long as they remain faithful. As their piety and faith grow stronger, so too do Pervortia's blessings. Please note that the charisma bonuses described in the table do not stack witch each other but instead mark how the bonus increases with progression.

Table: Rankings of Devotion
Ranking Level Required Career Length Benefit(s)
Recruit Lvl 1 cleric / paladin / monk 0 years Eternal youth, Immunity to disease
Initiate Lvl 2 cleric / paladin / monk 2 years +2 Charisma
Novice Lvl 4 cleric / paladin / monk 4 years +4 Charisma
Apprentice Lvl 6 cleric / paladin / monk 6 years +6 Charisma
Journeyer Lvl 8 cleric / paladin / monk 8 years +8 Charisma
Expert Lvl 10 cleric / paladin / monk 10 years +10 Charisma
Master Lvl 12 cleric / paladin / monk 12 years +12 Charisma
Grand Master Lvl 14 cleric / paladin / monk 14 years +14 Charisma
Sage Lvl 16 cleric / paladin / monk 16 years +16 Charisma
Grand Sage Lvl 18 cleric / paladin / monk 18 years +18 Charisma
Head Priestess / Priest Lvl 20 cleric / paladin / monk 20 years +20 Charisma


Just about every ritual in the Pervortian religion involves and act of sex with a member of the clergy or a paladin. The exact words and practices vary, and are said to be more of an art than a science, being subject to the will and interpretation of the person enacting the ritual.

Gender Selection[edit]

Pervortia was known to give her followers transformations into whatever gender they so desired. Though it was her policy to send the person on a journey of self exploration beforehand to ensure that they knew what they wanted. The ritual can be performed by any cleric or paladin.


Marriages are lavish celebrations of love that have a brief ceremony, followed by an orgy where the two families engage in new partners, to encourage the bond even more. The newly weds are quickly allowed to leave the ceremony to engage in the honeymoon and are usually gifted a lavish suite in the local temple to stay in for a time.


Funerals for communities that follow Pervortia start off with a day of mourning, with the actual cremation happening at midnight. The following day, the families and friends are encouraged to engage in a therapeutic orgy with the attending clergy to help ease the pain.


Pervortia is not known to grant resurrections very freely, encouraging her followers to move on from death and seek out the beauty in renewal and in the present instead. But she has been known to resurrect those whom she truly believes still have worthwhile work to do. This is one of the few rituals of Pervortia that does not involve sex.

Holy Days[edit]

Pervortia has several holy days that her followers used to celebrate.

Day of Orgies[edit]

On the 69th day of each year, the entire community is encouraged to engage in a massive orgy / festival, where virgins are expertly deflowered by the most talented members of the clergy available that the virgins desire to engage in coitus with. It is not compulsory to lose ones virginity to a member of the clergy, and in fact some people lose it only to ask for it to be restored by the clergy afterward, as a means of participating in the tradition but wanting to save oneself.

Day of Fetishes[edit]

Every 34 days, the local clergy set up a festival of fetishes in the local town for the inhabitants to peruse. There various fetishes are displayed and explained in a manner similar to a modern trade-show by the clergy. Audience participation is encouraged.

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