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Pen Island[edit]

Pen Island.png

Pen Island is a phallus-shaped isle located between Vagisle and Hemroidia. The curious shape of the island seems concurrent with the amount of similarly themed names of locations on the island's landmarks.

Territory of Musk[edit]

The Territory of Musk is ruled almost entirely by the Kingdom of Gheigis. Parts of it are too wild for anyone to be interested in taming or claiming. This land is arguably the most fertile on the island, and so also a breeding ground for many monsters.


This little peninsula on the north of Pen Island is characterized as having extremely hilly areas, hence its name. It is home to a variety of worm creatures that dig around the ground and create new hills whilst collapsing old ones. Thus, this is extremely volatile and wild territory.

Tainted Woods[edit]

The original inhabitants that composed the kingdom dwelt in these woods back in the day. The Territory of Musk is primarily named due to the strong odor that emits from these woods, which covers about half of the entire territory. It is said the odor originates from an old curse that has never been lifted from the territory, as it is more a nuisance than a real problem.

Tainted Taiga

A series of swamps and forests of the tainted woods to the center of the territory compose the taiga, which is home to the largest biome on Pen Island. Creatures like catoblepas and sea hags dwell here, as well as other aqueous monsters like bullywugs. The rich biome poses a lot of danger for any who want to cross. The stench of taint here is also incredibly strong and manifests in moving puffs of greenish air. Each of these function like a stinking cloud when a creature is caught within the mass.


These wetlands compose the central western edge of the island, providing a rich estuary environment for many creatures like axe beaks and crocodiles. Grung also make their homes here, and frequently clash with bullywugs from the taiga. The stench here is less concentrated due to the proximity to the ocean. However, there are occasional stench clouds.

Kingdom of the Gheigis[edit]

The kingdom of Gheigis is one of the two primary governments on Pen Island. The king, also known as the Kagan, is the thirteenth from the original line of barbarians who established the kindgom after taming the entire southern edge of Pen Island and making it habitable. The primary capital is Gheigis, located only a few miles away from the largest city in the kingdom, Babeville. The kingdom inhabitants are a mix of monstrous traits and humanoids, like umber hulks and yakfolk.


The largest city in the kingdom is one of harpies. Harpies and some lamias create for a bustling business culture in the city. As part of the city is seaside, there are sirens along the cove as well. They actively seek to lure humans and unassuming humanoids into their clutches to eat.

Cornish Afterlands[edit]

The afterlands is an isthmus that connects Musk and the Headlands. It is not claimed by any power, as it is largely known to be uninhabitable in many areas. Small nomadic groups eke out a living as ferrymen and coyote guides over the treacherous terrain.

Musty Mountains

The Musty Mountains are a range that separate the eastern end of the Afterlands from the Headlands. The range connects to the active volcano in the Headlands. The various caves in these mountains are home most notably to a host of orcs and goblins, who have formed a symbiotic relationship with each other's cultures. They make passing the mountains difficult, ambushing supply trails and kidnapping travelers.

Catheter Canal

This river is called a canal but largely predates any efforts to industrialize and expand it. In the past, the Kingdom of Gheigis desired for the canal to allow them to reach the Afterlands much faster by ship, carving its expanse further west. These efforts were thwarted by the local tribes of halflings who inhabit the area. These tribes are currently the nomadic groups that monitor and control the ways in and out of the canal.

Bone Zone

A natural cemetery of sorts can be found in the Afterlands. Vultures frequent this area, where large bones of the fallen prey and predator alike pile up here. The tribes of halflings who roam the Afterlands avoid this area and associate it with ill omens. It is true that now and then a skeleton or zombie will arise from this area.


The highest peak of the Musty Mountains, other than the volcano, is Feore. A legendary hermit is said to reside at the top, within a spire built into the mountain itself that rakes the sky. From this vantage point, the hermit rides out on a roc everyday to survey Pen Island. As such, he is highly aware of everything that goes on.

Sebacian Headlands[edit]

The Headlands are ruled by the government of Sebacia. They are a tropical area, with sandy beaches and white stone buildings. Harnessing the power of the volcano side they are built into, Sebacia is home to the most gifted forge masters on Pen Island. The fertile soils here also allow for a blossoming agricultural sector.


The capital of Sebacia is Circumscisia, which is a city built into the eastern wall of the volcano, Smeg Mountain. The main government building houses the council led by the madame president who rules Sebacia. The city is notably built on a higher elevation than the surrounding areas, allowing it to withstand floods.


These woods are located at the western limit of the Headlands, bordering the Afterlands. These woods are comprised of strangely leafless trees. On a closer inspection, one would realize these trees are actually petrified. The entire valley of the Hardwoods used to be a normal forest, but due to consistent flooding and volcanic mineral activity, the trees all became stone. These petrified arboreals are considered a valuable resource for crafting jewelry.

Smeg Mountain

This volcano is a vital part of Sebacia's composition, contributing to its agriculture and innovation. It is active and erupts around every year or so. The Sebacians have learned to carve protective laval shields out of the earth, as well as underground safety zones to avoid destruction. The eruptions are also mitigated by man-made trails that divert magma flows away from important infrastructure.

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