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This is a subclass for the Barbarian loosely based on the For Honor hero, though it may be reworked into a Monk or Blood Hunter subclass

Path of the Shugoki[edit]

Doubt, as most will tell you, is a fact of life, and not even proud barbarian warriors are exempt from its influence from time to time. Though, there are a select few among their number whose feel it more intensely than most, and to them, the feeling of not meeting the standards of the battles to come shakes them to the core. Those that do not lose their resolve refuse to let this stand, and soon find themselves on a quest to find a way to push themselves past this feeling by any means necessary. Provided they do no waver from this calling that now dwells within them, the soon find themselves led far from their compatriots, and indeed most civilization as a whole; beyond this point, none can truly say what they discover or do to themselves; whether they train among some elusive masters of primal combat, study the texts of a long lost warrior order, or perhaps even partake in some dark, esoteric rite (binding themselves to a demon of rage being a common variation of this theory), the answer or answers remain a mystery to this day. Whatever it is, however, when and if the barbarian emerges again, their quest is complete and they are forever changed until the end of their days. Gone is the frothing, all-consuming madness that urges them to spill blood, and in its place is an odd serenity, a state of pseudo-calm that almost belies the rage seething within them. These 'Shugoki' as they mostly call themselves, have refined their rage in a most bizarre way, granting them a control that sets them apart from their fellow barbarians, and a will as strong as any metal.

Controlled Burn[edit]

At level 3, the time you can rage is increased to one and a half minutes. In addition, you can make a DC 13 Constitution check to extend this time by an additional minute and a half, with the DC increasing by 3 for every time you do this after the first before taking a rest. Pushing this past 3 minutes invokes a level of exhaustion for each test done. You are also resistant against being charmed, frightened or put to sleep.

Variant Feature: Mountainous Bulk[edit]

One of the more puzzling tendencies of the Shugoki is the propensity for consuming large amounts of food and drink. This, naturally, often results in them developing a rather ponderous build which, despite perhaps being a hindrance at times, can be used to a frightening degree of efficiency by many Shugoki Warriors. If you decide to use this feature, at level 3 you gain a +2 bonus to your AC and a retroactive +2 to your HP for each level in Shugoki you have. Also, you gain advantage against attempts to move you against your will. However, this comes at the cost of requiring you to eat twice as much food as you normally would, while also causing any movement enhancing effects reduced by half (to a minimum of 5) and if your character is capable of non-magical flight, your flight speed is reduced by half. Characters without flesh cannot gain this effect.

Guardian of Old[edit]

At level 6, you gain access to additional abilities in combat. When you move into melee range of an enemy you can immediately make a single attack against them as a bonus action, or attempt to knock them prone. In addition, when an enemy within 15 feet of you makes a melee attack against an ally, you can use your reaction to move to them, provided such movement is possible, and then force them to attack you instead. This second one can be used in tandem with the first, though the enemy's attack must be resolved first.

Eye of the Storm[edit]

At level 10, you gain resistance to all movement impairing effects (including ones that would knock you prone), and you also gain advantage against being moved against your will (i.e. resisting a strong current.)

Demon's Embrace[edit]

At level 14, you gain advantage on grapples on targets in the large, medium or small size category. If you are raging, you may elect to perform the 'Demon's Embrace.' Should you choose to do this, you make a strength check opposed by the target's constitution save. Should you succeed, the target immediately takes bludgeoning damage equal to your hit dice plus strength. However, should they pass, you take this damage. Once this is resolved, the grapple immediately ends, with the target being knocked prone if you succeed in damaging them (provided they survive.)

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