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Path of the Inner Beast, Variant[edit]

Barbarian Subclass

At the heart of every living thing lies a core of primal instincts. Some barbarian tribes call this "the Inner Beast", and have learned to draw strength from it in battle. By feeding their Inner Beast through bloodshed, a barbarian becomes an erratic engine of destruction, able to shake off grievous wounds and build up their strength before unleashing devastating blows.

Wrathful Rage

At 3rd level, you can feed your Inner Beast in order to tap into its power. This power is represented by wrath points, which grant you passive benefits and can be spent to unleash powerful attacks.

While raging, you generate 1 wrath point when you hit a creature with a Strength-based melee attack on your turn. If you score a critical hit with such an attack, you instead generate 2 wrath points. You cannot generate more than 2 wrath points in a single turn.

You can generate a maximum of 5 wrath points. Once you reach this maximum, you cannot generate more wrath points until you spend the ones you already have.

Your wrath points grant you a bonus to your attack and damage rolls. They provide a +1 bonus while you have 1-2 wrath points, a +2 bonus while you have 3-4 wrath points, and a +3 bonus while you have 5 wrath points.

Your wrath points last until your rage ends, or until you spend them to use Beastly Strike or Steel Cyclone.

Raw Intuition

Also at 3rd level, you can instinctively roll with your enemies’ punches and turn direct hits into glancing ones. If you are raging and you suffer a critical hit from a melee weapon attack, you can use your reaction to turn that hit into a normal hit.

Beastly Strike

At 6th level, you can channel the power of your Inner Beast into a sudden, ferocious swing. As part of your Attack action, you can spend 5 wrath points to make a melee weapon attack. If the attack hits, it is a critical hit. This attack does not generate wrath points.


At 10th level, your connection to your Inner Beast has grown so strong that you can rouse it to full power at will. While raging, you can use a bonus action to generate 5 wrath points. You can only use this feature once per rage.

Steel Cyclone

At 14th level, you can channel your Inner Beast into a wild, spinning strike. As an action, you can spend 5 wrath points to make one melee weapon attack against every creature within your reach. These attacks do not generate wrath points.

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