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Para’s Portable Place
2nd-level conjuration (ritual)
Casting time: 10 Minutes
Range: Touch
Components: V,S,M (A closed door)
Duration: Until you leave the place.

You are able to magically alter where a door that you are touching leads to. This new doorway leads to an Extradimensional Wizards Tower. During the ritual you must remain in contact with the doorknob, once the ritual is complete the doorway is laced in arcane runes and the knob begins to glow. These effects last until you have left the Wizards Tower. This magical doorway will not let another living creature enter the Tower.

The tower has dimensions of 40ft Diameter by 50ft Tall and is broken up into 5 rooms; Bedroom/Bathroom, Library/Office/Sitting room/Kitchen and Arcane Laboratory, and a roof. There are windows throughout the tower. When you look out the windows or lookout from the roof, you’ll find you’re in a dense forest. The windows are not large enough for you to climb through. If for whatever reason if you fall off the roof you will be spat out of the portal back into the real world right before you hit the ground.

Time moves faster inside the tower, 2 hours in the tower is 1 hour out. While in the tower you are not protected from Divination magics. You are the only person that may enter this place however that doesn’t mean the tower is frozen in time when you are not there.

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