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Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement by a 5th level creature)

a pair of woolen leggings or "hose" (AC10) that produce healthy nutritious food and drink.

Attuning. The hose must be worn for a full day to attune them to the wearer, if they are removed for even a moment attunement is lost and must be repeated. When the hose are attuned they will begin to itch, causing the wearer to scratch, fidget, and adjust themselves so much that they suffer a -1 Dexterity penalty as long as they are wearing them. However, the hose will also start to produce food and drink so highly nutritious that each serving is a full healthy meal and restores hit points equal to the wearer's proficiency bonus. The foods can be eaten, or stored like normal, but the healing property wears off after the next sun set.

Hearty meal. one full turn must be spent rummaging around in the hose to produce a serving of food or drink from the following random list (roll 1d20);

1d20 Result
1 the hose stop producing (but do not stop itching) for a full day
2 pound of soft cheese
3 gallon of pure cold water
4 fruit pie
5 whole roasted chicken
6 chain of boar sausages
7 loaf of bread with honey
8 cup of heavy cream
9 an exotic fruit
10 venison meat pie
11 black currant tarts
12 pork hock
13 roasted vegetable
14 mug of hot sweet tea
15 braised ox-tail
16 pound of hard cheese
17 boiled lizard
18 dried fruit
19 fried goat liver
20 a golden apple. whoever eats the apple temporarily gains their hit point maximum

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