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Ring, uncommon

The Paired Rings of Illusion are a pair of rings, one silver and one gold. They are fairly unassuming rings, made to look like wedding bands.

Paired Illusion. The wearer of the silver ring controls the illusory properties of the gold ring. A character wearing the gold ring is subjected to an illusory disguise created by the silver ring wearer. The illusion requires concentration on the part of the wearer of the silver ring.

One-Way Glass.The wearer of the gold ring can only see the illusory effects in their reflection.

Daily Disguise.The ring's effects may only be used for up to one hour per day, regaining its charge in full at dawn.

Potential Uses:Giving one player a gold ring and another a silver. Allowing the player to believe the gold ring is a ring of illusion while the others know the silver controls it.

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