Padded Armor of Masculine Form (3.5e Equipment)

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Padded Armor of Masculine Form:

CL 4; Padded Armor, Alter Self; Cost 80 gp; Activation: Worn; Weight: 10 lb.; Market Price: 7000 gp

Padded Armor of Masculine Form is a magical piece of padded form worn under Full Plate armor or during normal use. It conforms the body to a masculine figure in appearance and can enable androgynous individuals to have a fully formed male form to observers. It adds +10 to Disguise if a woman is trying to pass as a man, and -10 to any Spot Checks to discover that the wearer is female. It has no mechanics benefit for male users and will simply make them appear more masculine unless otherwise stated by the GM.

If worn for too long it can cause permanent physical changes to the user, unless it has been tailored specifically for the user. Every 24 hours of total use for non-tailored examples, even under Full Plate, requires a DC 15 Fort Save. Changes begin small and perhaps unnoticeable. Once three Fort saves of DC 15 have failed, future changes become noticeable to both the affected and those around her, and the Fort save escalates. Every failure in the first three failures increases the Disguise bonus by +1. Every failure after that, up to a total of five additional failures, increases the Disguise bonus by +2. The final two failures after that increase the Disguise bonus by +4 respectively. The bonuses to Disguise as a result of failure apply even when the armor is no longer on.

After ten failures, there is no mechanics benefit for attempting to disguise as male since the character is now entirely male with the exception of the reproductive system. At this stage the -2 Disguise penalty to appear as the opposite gender only applies if the user is trying to pass as her own gender.

Magic and items that can stop appearance changing effects can reverse the first eight changes, but if a ninth or tenth failure is rolled, all appearance changing items and magic are temporary.

For a tailored example the rolls are the same, but take a full month of use before needing to roll. When worn the magic has no time limit.

Padded Armor, of Masculine Form is a padded armor piece that, outside of full plate, still provides protection. It works as Padded Armor in the SRD, with the exception of price. When worn under Full Plate it has no additional protective qualities.

Table: Padded Armor of Masculine Form
Armor Type Cost Armor Bonus Maximum
Dex Bonus
Armor Check
Arcane Spell
Failure Chance
Speed Weight
Padded Armor of Masculine Form 7000 gp +1 +8 0 5% 30 10 lb.

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