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Orc Race Variant[edit]

Hailing from the dinosaur-ridden jungles of Chult and southern isles of steamy tropics, the pachycephalorcs are a bizarre species of orc that are believed to predate those who now commonly occupy the Spine of the World. These orcs have squamous skin that is often purple, with greenish streaks. They are all notably bald and have a large fin protruding from their head that is extremely sensitive to vibrations in the air, allowing them to sense minute movements around them. Unlike their conquesting relatives, these orcs are more content to be left alone within their highly guarded territorial tribes. They are known to be in fierce competition with chultan dwarves.

This race variant replaces the ASI and Aggressive traits.

Ability Score Increase. Your Wisdom score increases by 1, and either your Strength or Constitution score increases by 2.

Sensitive Fin. Using your fin and focusing, you can sense the surroundings around you without sight. You can spend one minute concentrating and not moving to gain 60 feet of blindsight, detecting the area around you. You lose this sense once you move.

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