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April Fools!
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PL 5 Longarm (Personal Firearms Proficiency)

Damage 2d10 Magazine 5 box
Critical 20 Size Large
Damage Type Ballistic Weight 16 lb.
Range Increment 90 ft. Purchase DC 36
Rate of Fire S Restriction Lic(+1)

The PSG1 Of 1337 Headshotz has a +3 enchantment bonus on attack and damage roles as well as a +1 mastercraft bonus on attack roles. It comes standard with a scope.


The PSG1 Of 1337 Headshotz is an ancient and powerful enchanted weapon, created by the ancient gods of Treyarch for their servants, known as the MLG army. The MLG army is a deadly force, well known for the tactical maneuvers such as the 360 No-Scope and the1337 Headshotz.


1337 Headshotz[edit]

Whenever this weapon scores a critical hit, the player may make a second attack role against the opponent. If successful, instead of the normal critical effect the weapon scores a "1337 Headshot!!!", causing the targets head to explode messily.

360 No-Scope[edit]

Whenever a character using the the PSG1 Of 1337 Headshotz successfully completes a Jump check, they may make an attack with this weapon as a free action. To successfully make the attack, the player must pass a DC 20 reflex save and the attack is done at a -6 penalty.

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