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A Froghemoth is 25 feet tall, and either rust red or dark, forest green.

Froghemoth are the elders of many sentient or partially sentient frog clans that can be found in many swamps all over the world.

Froghemoth have a naturally very thick hide, granting them impressive natural defenses.

Despite their frightful appearance, Froghemoth are fairly intelligent, they are smart enough to wield simple or martial weapons, so long as those weapons are commensurate with their size.

Size/Type: Huge Frog Hit Dice: 25d10+150 Initiative: +5 Speed: 30 f.t., Swim 80 f.t. Armor Class: -4 (size), +1 (dex), +18 (natural), Touch 10, Flat-Footed +15 Base Attack/Grapple: +15/+32 AttacK: 2 slam attacks +18 (2d8+6), 2 stomp attacks +18 (2d10+8) Space/Reach: 15 f.t./10 f.t. Special Attacks: 1 tongue attack +22 (1d8+4), 1 swallow attack +30 (4d12+10) Special Qualities: Adhesive Skin, Darkvision 30 f.t. Saving Throws: Fortitude +25, Will +4, Reflex +13 Abilities: Str +24, Dex +13, Con +21, Int +1, Wis +6, Cha +1 Skills: Acrobatics +10, Climb +5, Handle Animal +6, Intimidate +15, Knowledge (Nature) +8, Perception +8, Stealth -4/+6 in water, Survival +6, Swim +18 Feats: Improved Initiative, Lightning Reflexes, Jump, Power Attack, Cleave, Improved Bull Rush Alignment: Almost Always Neutral

The tongue attack must be used before the swallow attack can be used.

If an enemy is swallowed for 3 rounds or more it is immediately killed because of the acid within the Froghemoth. There is no saving throw, however, if the creature swallowed is immune to acid damage then this ability does not apply to that creature.

Due to the adhesive nature of the Froghemoth's skin and its size, any creature medium size or smaller which comes into physical contact with the Froghemoth has a chance to stick to it, and be considered grappled. Reflex DC 33.

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