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Price 1,000 gp; Aura faint necromancy; CL 5th; Weight 1 lb.

This stuffed rag doll might resemble a child's toy if not for the vital organs depicted on its cloth. By dabbing the doll with a few drops of blood from a living creature (a standard action), the bearer can form a sympathetic link between the doll and the victim. If the chosen victim has spell resistance, the doll must beat the target's spell resistance to create the link. As a standard action, the bearer can twist or stab the doll; this gives the target the sickened condition for one round and deals 1 point of negative energy damage plus 1 point for each die of the doll bearer's sneak attack damage (if any). Each time the target is affected by the doll, it receives a DC 14 Will save to end the link. The doll's holder needs line of effect to the victim, but not line of sight. Once linked to a particular creature, an anatomy doll cannot be linked to another creature, but the bearer can re-establish a broken link by anointing it with more of the target's blood.

Construction Requirements[edit]

Cost 500 gp

Craft Wondrous Item, bestow curse, bleed

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