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Design Note: Forever Unfinished. This page is in an indefinite state of revision, due to it covering conditions previously unexplored by the core rules. As such, as new races and gameplay experiences arise, this page will change to adapt to the needs of the game.

PC Mounts[edit]

These optional rules are intended to fill the gaps presented by PC races who have a form which would enable them to carry others on their back, like a steed. The prime examples are dwarves, from a question posted to Mike Mearls, and centaurs.


  • Mounting and Dismounting: Mounting and Dismounting PC Mounts is the same as it is with normal mounts. The mount may choose to assist you, reducing the speed cost to 5 feet.
  • Mount Type: For the sake of clarity, a PC mount counts as intelligent, and so cannot be commanded the way a standard mount, such as a horse, would. Additionally, PC mounts count as exotic mounts, and so require an exotic saddle, whether they are terrestrial, aquatic, or airborne.
  • Bareback Riding: If you are riding a mount bareback or with an inappropriate saddle, all checks or saves related to remaining seated are made at disadvantage.
  • Rider Weight: Provided the total weight of the rider and their gear does not exceed the PC mount's carrying capacity, a PC mount can travel at full speed. Note that this does not count the weight of the mount's gear.

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