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The Outrider[edit]

Alignment. Neutral
Domains. Travel, Information
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

The Outrider is the patron of all who travel and share information whilst on the road. He often appears to mortals on during travels and offers helpful advice, but asks for stories as payment.

Physical Description[edit]

The Outrider appears to mortals in a form that would be befitting to the terrain of the local area be that of rugged clothing for mountains, slim covering clothing in a desert or slightly armored if moving through a warring area. However things that stay constant between all stories is of a golden compass hanging from their neck and well worn leather boots on their feet. When in areas that require less covering, stories state The Outrider to slightly tanned skin with freckles, deep green eyes, sandy brown hair and a grin upon greeting.


The Outrider's personality is that similar to those with an adventuring soul. Asking questions, writing down notes and phrases people say and drawing pictures or maps of the local area.


Teaching of The Outrider state that a prayer before embarking on a days travel will give him your blessing and you will have an easier trip. Whether that be through clear weather, smooth sailing or no activity of monsters. However due to his ranking as a Lesser Deity, this blessing isn't all to powerful but is still used by many merchants.

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