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Alignment. Neutral Good
Domains. Swamps
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

Osses, Goddess of the Swamps, is very humble with her domain. Originally a Goddess of Nature she soon found herself deeply caring for the swamps. While other Nature Deities preferred to live in forests, grasslands or maybe even the mountains Osses would only be found in her swamps which she was very happy with. She looks over all that live in the swamps like a caring mother but had very little care for anything happening outside her domain.

She appears in a rather intimidating form. Taking the appearance of a hooded figure, with her hood made of moss and a crocodile skull on top of her head, from the darkness underneath her hood peer two small flames that dart around like eyes along with two bone like arms made of branches. Attempts to use light to see what the darkness is hiding have resulted in several different reported visages including but not limited to a tree with fireflies on its trunk, a human skull, the face of a leech, a face covered in leeches, and a empty robe. The only constant part of these descriptions are the two small flames where the eyes are found.

Those who worship her tend to be outcasts who now live primarily in the swamps she cares for and have a bad reputation for being hostile to all outsiders when the generally are only hostile to those they think wish to harm the swamps. Those who are very dedicated to her, such as clerics that go out to try and give her followers a better name, tend to go under physical transformations that would help them in similar environments gaining attributes such as the ability to breath under water.

Story or quest hooks: A virus is spreading around a town/kingdom that the followers of Osses seem to be immune to. Learn the cause of this and maybe work to get Osses' aid

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