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This book introduces more options for psionic characters. I love psionics, and unlike perhaps any other character archetype in D&D 3.5e, there have only been two official sourcebooks for it. The door for more content abounds, and I the author intend to open that door.

This supplement for the D&D game presents new options for psionic characters in a D&D game, including retooled races, new base and prestige classes, and more. This project is currently a heavy work-in-progress, so don't mind that there's not much here for now.


Chapter 1: Races


Chapter 2: Base Classes

[[Open Your Mind (3.5e Sourcebook)/#|]]

Chapter 3: Prestige Classes

Combat Prescient

Chapter 3: New Feats

Astral Exosuit

Chapter 3: New Psionic Powers

True Strike, Psionic

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