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Astral Exosuit [Psionic]

You can wear an astral construct as if it were a second skin.
Prerequisite: Know astral construct power.
Benefit: When manifesting the astral construct power, you can expend your psionic focus to fuse the essence of the construct with your own body. You choose to do this when first manifesting the power, instead of creating the astral construct normally. Once absorbed, the construct does not count towards your normal limit of one astral construct active at one time.

The astral "flesh" bonds perfectly with your own, forming a translucent silvery-white ectoplasmic film over your body. Depending on how many power points you spend on initially manifesting the power, you gain different bonuses in lieu of applying them to a normal astral construct:

• Gain 1d8 temporary hitpoints, plus 1d8 for every 2 additional power points spent beyond the first. These temporary hitpoints last for up to one hour.

• The construct's power bestows upon you one benefit from Menu A, as listed in the astral construct creature entry. If you spent at least 7 power points manifesting the power, you instead gain a benefit from Menu B. If you spend 13 or more power points manifesting the power, you insted receive a benefit from Menu C. As normal, you can always substitute a choice from Menu B or C for two choices from a lesser menu.

If a special ability gained from Astral Exosuit would allow you to manifest a power as a free action, you can instead do so as a swift action, only on your turn. In addition, the power is granted as a temporary psi-like ability, and does not consume power points when manifested. These benefits are granted even if you already have knowledge of the given power normally. If a special ability gained from Astral Exosuit would allow you use of a feat you already have, that ability does nothing and grants no additional benefit.

You wear the skin of the construct for the normal duration of the manifested astral construct power, after which time it dissipates.
Special: If you have any other feats that modify the appearance or abilities of an astral construct (such as Boost Construct or Ectopic Form), you do not accrue those benefits when you use the astral construct power with Astral Exosuit.

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