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Omnimera is a general term used for creatures composed of seemingly mindless varieties of many forms, jammed together. Few omnimera are artificial, though some are claimed to be of divine importance. They vary much more than chimera or even manticores.


The player knows the following information with a successful skill check.

Religion DC 10: Although most omnimeras tend to be chaotic and evil, there exist some who are said to be formed of creatures of good luck, making them benevolent.

Dungeoneering DC 15: Omnimeras are all incredibly intelligent and capable of speech, as well as reading the intentions of those who approach them.


Omnimeras are all typically solitary. Some see themselves as too superior to other beings to be near them, while others steer clear of company due to their own purity. The benevolent omnimera are sometimes seen with an entourage of animals, though they flee from sight rather than fight. The more evil omnimera are more likely to strike deals with creatures like oni or goblins, whom they see as expendable.

Omnimera Biophant[edit]

Omnimera Biophant
Level 12 Elite Brute
Large Natural Magical Beast (aquatic)
XP 1400
HP 300; Bloodied 150 Initiative +4
AC 24; Fortitude 25, Reflex 25, Will 25 Perception +5
Speed 7, swim 4 darkvision
Immune poison Resist charm
Saving Throws +2; Action Points 1
Standard Actions
Melee.png Sting (Poison)♦ Standard; At-Will
Attack: +16 vs. Fortitude
Hit: 1d8 + 4 damage and the target takes ongoing 10 poison damage and is weakened (save ends).
Basicmelee.png Claw ♦ Standard; At-Will
Attack: +16 vs. AC
Hit: 2d8 + 5 damage
Melee.png Furious Flurry ♦ standard; At-Will
Effect: The biophant makes two two claw attacks and one sting attack (in any order).
Move Actions
Bionic Legs ♦ minor; At-Will
Effect: The omnimera biophant shifts 2 squares
Skills Stealth +18, Bluff +15
Str 18 (+10) Dex 18 (+10) Wis 8 (+5)
Con 20 (+11) Int 10 (14) Cha +8 (14)
Alignment Chaotic Evil Languages Common
Equipment +8

The base form of a biophant is that of a canine, but it has parts from a variety of creatures, resulting in a single, horrific and multifaceted entity. It has the front legs of a dog, the mane of a lion, the face of a human, the tail of a poisonous scorpion, a shark's dorsal fin and gills, and two mechanical hind legs which extended from its back. In addition to this already deadly walking menagerie, its entire body can blend into surroundings like a chameleon.

It is believed the biophant must have been artificially created, and perhaps from one of the more crazy people from Eberron with their technology. There is no way, people say, such an abomination could exist, molded of man and beast, naturally. Others say they perhaps were made in the image of manticores, which were originally fashioned by the devil butcher Alloces.

Omnimera Biophant Tactics

The omnimera biophant can chase its prey whether on land or sea, and their poison makes it easy for them to subdue foes. They use this poison first to weaken enemies, before proceeding to maul them with their teeth and claws. If the biophant faces a stronger foe, it is smart enough to try and lower the enemy's guard with its gilt tongue before going in for a sucker punch with its tail.

Omnimera Ki-Rin[edit]

Omnimera Ki-Rin
Level 12 Solo Controller
Huge Immortal Magical Beast
XP 3500
HP 620; Bloodied 310 Initiative +12
AC 26; Fortitude 25, Reflex 25, Will 26 Perception +14
Speed 8, fly 12 (hover), overland flight 15 darkvision, blindsight 6
Immune poison
Saving Throws +5; Action Points 2
Majestic Radiance ♦ Aura 1
All creatures other than the ki-rin within the aura roll attacks with a -2 penalty.
Standard Actions
Basicmelee.png Horn ♦ At-Will; standard
Attack: Reach 2; +17 vs. AC
Hit: 1d8 + 6 damage
Basicmelee.png Hoof ♦ Standard; At-Will
Attack: +17 vs. AC
Hit: 1d8 + 6 damage
Melee.png Trample ♦ At-will; standard
Effect: The ki-rin makes two hoof attacks.
Area.png Sacred Flame (Radiant)♦ Standard; Recharge D6 (4).pngD6 (5).pngD6 (6).png
Attack: Area burst 1 within 20 (creatures in blast); +15 vs. Fortitude
Hit: 1d10 + 5 radiant damage
Effect: Target takes ongoing 5 radiant damage and is blinded (save ends both)
Move Actions
Gaseous Form
Effect: By altering its shape, a larva mage can squeeze through small openings as if it were a Tiny creature (see Squeeze, Player’s Handbook 292).
Minor Actions
Ranged.png Command (Charm)♦ minor 1/round; at-will
Attack: Ranged 10; +15 vs. Will
Effect: Targets one enemy and forces them to slide 2 squares from the ki-rin and drop prone.
Skills s Bluff +16, Diplomacy +19, Insight +21
Str 16 (+9) Dex 17 (+9) Wis 20 (+11)
Con 20 (+11) Int 17 (+9) Cha 22 (+12)
Alignment Lawful Good Languages Common, Supernal, telepathy 20

The ki-rin is a majestic and revered omnimera from the lands of Kara-Tur. It is said to be an all benevolent being, resembling a cross between a unicorn and a dragon in some respects. They could fly without wings and worshiped the god Koriel of the Outer Planes. They can speak all languages and were also herbivores so as not to harm sentient beings.

Omnimera Ki-Rin Tactics

The ki-rin avoids combat almost always. If forced to defend itself, it uses powerful magic to knock enemies on their knees so it can run away.

Omnimera Kotobuki[edit]

Omnimera Kotobuki
Level 12 Skirmisher
Large Natural Magical Beast
XP 700
HP 120; Bloodied 60 Initiative +14
AC 24; Fortitude 22, Reflex 24, Will 24 Perception +8
Speed 8 Low-light Vision
Resist poison, radiant
Good Luck ♦ Aura 1
Creatures within the aura who make an attack on the kotobuki take a -2 penalty to their attack rolls.
Standard Actions
Basicmelee.png Kick ♦ Standard; At-Will
Attack: +17 vs. AC
Hit: 1d10 + 4 damage
Melee.png Double Kick ♦ Standard; At-Will
Effect: The kotobuki makes two kick attacks.
Close.png Curse (Necrotic)♦ Recharge D6 (6).png
Attack: Close blast 3 (creatures in blast); +14 vs. Will
Hit: 2d6 + 5 necrotic damage and ongoing 5 necrotic damage (save ends)
Miss: Half damage and no ongoing damage
Move Actions
Evade ♦ Minor, usable only while bloodied; at-will
Effect: The kotobuki shifts one square.
Lucky Burst ♦ Standard; Recharge D6 (5).pngD6 (6).png
Effect: The kotobuki can move up to twice its speed. It can move through spaces occupied by other creatures without provoking opportunity attacks. It must end its move in an unoccupied space.
Str 14 (+8) Dex 23 (+12) Wis 17 (+9)
Con 18 (+10) Int 15 (+8) Cha 10 (+11)
Alignment Good Languages

The kotobuki sort of omnimera are revered across Kara-Tur as signs of good luck. It is said the image of them on paper alone wards off illness. It is composed of about 12-16 different animals put together in the form of a quadraped. They are said to be images made by the gods. Its name even is a way to say "congratulations."

Omnimera Kotobuki Tactics

The kotobuki, like the ki-rin, avoids all conflict. But it cannot use as many spells as the ki-rin, and so focuses on running away, shifting more often when harmed. If driven into a corner, it primarily uses its kicks to batter foes before using its cry to curse them.

Omnimera Nue[edit]

Omnimera Nue
Level 10 Elite Brute
Large Natural Magical Beast
XP 1000
HP 216; Bloodied 108 Initiative +10
AC 26; Fortitude 22, Reflex 25, Will 23 Perception +8
Speed 7 Darkvision
Saving Throws +2; Action Points 1
Bad Luck Cloud ♦ Aura 10
Any enemy within the aura who rolls a 1 on attack rolls takes 5 lightning damage.
The nue gains a +2 bonus to attack rolls and a +5 bonus to damage rolls against bloodied enemies.
Standard Actions
Basicmelee.png Claw ♦ Standard; At-Will
Attack: Reach 2; +15 vs. AC
Hit: 2d4 + 6 damage
Melee.png Disease Strike (Poison)♦ Standard; At-Will
Attack: Reach 2; +15 vs. Fortitude
Hit: 1d6 + 6 poison damage, and ongoing 5 poison damage (save ends)
Melee.png Calamitous Barrage ♦ Standard; At-Will
Effect: The nue makes two claw attacks and one disease strike.
Skills Bluff +13, Insight +7
Str 22 (+11) Dex 20 (+10) Wis 14 (+7)
Con 16 (+8) Int 14 (+7) Cha 16 (+8)
Alignment Evil Languages Common

Nue omnimera are one of the wiliest creatures in the forests of Wa. They are extremely crafty and have the gift of a glib tongue. Their body is that of a tiger, with the face of a monkey, and tail of a snake, among other variant things. The nue is a symbol of bad luck, as opposed to the kotobuki and ki-rin, and can cause illness.

Omnimera Nue Tactics

The nue delights in tormenting its victims. Even before a battle, it will select and watch its victims, possible even plaguing them with illness or dreams. The victim eventually becomes exhausted and the nue then strikes with poison and watches the prey writhe until it dies ultimately. The sight of helplessness increases a nue's vile abilities and thrills them. Wherever a nue goes, an aura of bad luck manifests around it in the form of a dark cloud. This cloud randomly strikes with lightning at anyone who is nearby.

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