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Alignment. Chaotic Evil
Domains. War
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

Nukell, the god of War, brings leaders to their knees while sending hordes against his enemies. His very presence incites violence and aggression.

Nukell resides in Otherworld, coming down to whisper the tidings of war between opposed factions. He uses his followers as a personal army when he cannot find a worthy opponent for his enemies.

Nukell is a tall, red scaled Dragonkin who wields silvery, flaming gauntlets. With no need for any other weapon, a simple punch from Nukell's War Gauntlets is enough to kill most mortals. He wears no armor aside from his gauntlets, and his eyes burn bright with flame.

Nukell has gone to war with most gods in the Pantheon, making him a rather hated deity. The only gods he has not challenged are Castor and Pollux, knowing not to pick a fight he cannot win.

Those who worship Nukell swear a lifetime of servitude in his army, with some of his highest ranking officers being granted immortality. His followers go to war on his command, no matter the odds.

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