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Nod Light Tank, Mark II. Also known as Black Hand Light Tank, after the only organisation who use this upgraded version of the original Nod Light Tank, the Black Hand of Nod.[edit]

Nod Light Tank, Mark II

Crew 5 (Driver, Commander, Loader, Gunner, Radio Operator
Pass 0 (No passenger capacity)
Cargo 1045 lbs.
Init. 0
Maneuver 0
Top Speed 115 (11)
Defense 7
Hardness 10
Hit Points 80
Size H
Purchase DC 40
Restriction Mil +3

Light Tank[edit]

The Nod Light Tank is Nod's counterpart to the M2A1 Medium Tank, fielded by GDI in large numbers. GDI armoured divisions are capable of extreme damage in most cases, and only massed Nod armour was able to stop the GDI armour from destroying several key bases in Africa, Europe and South-East Asia. Nod developed the Light Tank Mark II as an anti-armour vehicle specifically, and was capable of defeating an M2A1 if the Nod armour was at least 2:1 in favour of Nod. Several large tank battles have been fought between Nod and GDI armoured divisions, and the M2A1 has been able to push back the tide of Nod Light Tanks, but GDI have, over the past few battles, been suffering heavier casualties in the ranks of their armoured divisions. A fair number of experienced crew have been caught off-guard by the sheer speed and agility of the newest model, the Mark IIB, which is capable of a top speed of 50 MPH in a straight line; far beyond the capabilities of the M2A1, which can only reach 30 MPH on good ground.

The Light Tank Mark II carries a high-velocity rifled 90mm F1 tank gun. The 90mm F1 was developed originally by GDI for the M1A4 Medium Tank, before it was scuppered and Nod stole the technology files. Nod then re-designed the 90mm F1 into the tank-killing gun that equips the Light Tank Mark II, and it is easily capable of penetrating the sides and rear of the M2A1, and the frontal glacis plate is weak around the seam at the front of the tank and the driver's hatch, which means that the M2A1 and Light Tank Mark II can take on each other 1-on-1. The disadvantage for such high speed and firepower was relatively low armour; the Nod Light Tank Mark IC, which was Nod's most numerous tank up until the introduction of the Mark IIA and IIB, had 95mm of armour sloped back at around 45 degrees, which was nowhere near enough to stop the shots of even the M1 Medium. Even the Mark IIA had 125mm of armour on the front, and the Mark IIB has only just begun to rectify this problem; it has 105mm of titanium armour sloped back at 30 degrees from the vertical, which gives it a total of 210mm of armour, enough to stop HE from the M2A1 and the guns of the infantry. The titanium armour costs a lot of money, however, and so it is very costly to produce. The Brotherhood's ample coffers easily soak up the cost, however.

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