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White Lily "Named after a water source was contaminated by this waterborne toxin. It was thought that the water lilies were releasing poison into the local water of a small town by order of a corrupt druid, such thoughts were dismissed. The truth of the matter is that the water lilies were the cause of this illness. A closely guarded technique of assassins to burn a fresh water lily and then distill the ashes" Poison Attack: +10 Vs. Fortitude; Passive perception is equal to 0. After consumption the poison puts it victim in a hallucinogenic state revolving around the victims dearest desire. The desire manifests in such a way as to lead the sick into dangerous situations (Cliffs, caves, Etc) most commonly leading to a suicide death. The infected will interact with the desire (yelling a persons name, letting pebbles slide threw her fingers like a mountain of coin) and is a dangerous way to figure out what such desires may be.

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