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Alignment. Chaotic Good
Domains. Death, Grief
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

Nightingale is the lesser deity of Lament. He is among the saddest of all the deities, grief follows him everywhere like a plague. He rules over the domains of death and grief and does it well. Those who follow him have experienced loss and have suffered greatly from it, especially depressed people also follow him. He is a chaotic good god with an especially good heart, he cares for the people of the mortal plane. Nightingale is very likely to come if you pray to him but he may not be able to do anything for you. He also can go to people who aren't following him but he is not quite as likely to do so.

Nightingale's titles include: Son of Evening Glory [1] (3e, Lesser Deity), King of Grief, God of Lament, and The Weeper.

Nightingale appears as a very tall and handsome featured man with black hair and pale skin, underneath his mask he has a handsome yet scarred face and brownish-gray eyes with purple face paint around them like a mask. He is often seen fully covered, wearing a deep plum colored cloak, a white plague doctor's mask with blue tear tracks from the eyes, thigh high boots, navy colored pants, and a breast plate with the symbol for hope on it [2]. He also carries an umbrella.

If Nightingale opens his umbrella it starts raining, as his umbrella is a god item. The rain does 4d4 healing. His umbrella also turns into purple regenerating throwing daggers that deal cold, necrotic, and lighting [3] damage.

Clerics of Nightingale are calm, traditionally charismatic people, the training they undergo to become vested by Nightingale is a secret cloaked in peace-bringing and remembrance.

All prayers to Nightingale commend him for his assistance in the grieving period and the serenity of his presence, his usefulness and kindness knows no bounds.

Nightingale is the son of Evening Glory, he is also the Brother in Law of Lucifer (long story). Nightingale also works with Death as he guides those grieving the loss of a loved one. Most other gods seem to really like him (98% of the gods like him).

Temples of Nightingale usually reside in places recently struck by tragedy, but they can be anywhere. They typically resemble buildings of Gothic style architecture with stained glass windows.

Quests he sends his followers on tend to have to do with helping others to overcome grief and tragedy, depending on his mood.

Nightingale resides mostly on the mortal realm but can go between realms as he pleases.

Nightingale has an interesting personality, he enjoys talking with his followers often and gives them random bits of sage advice he also likes listening to their problems. He can be regarded as fatherly.

Offerings: Nightingale accepts offerings of fine wine and cigarettes at his alter. He also favors silver jewelry and simply an offering of gold. If riddles or poetry are left at his alter he also will accept those.

It is both easy and difficult to fall from Nightingale's favor. First and foremost he disapproves of murder, he also hates to be called ugly, useless, or stupid. Never interrupt him while he is speaking.

Nightingale favors female followers and Necromancers.

Before he was Nightingale he was an angel of Evening Glory named Nicolas "Nic" Alexandre Baird, before that even he was a human of the same name. He was destined to become a god. He was a very charismatic angel, favored by Evening Glory.

Hold on to Memories A special feature given to followers of Nightingale. Nightingale gives his followers the ability to remind their friends of their happiest memory. Once per battle a follower of Nightingale will be able to protect their allies from evil, they become immune to necrotic damage and gain +1d6 to their armor for the rest of the battle, this also regenerates the members of the group by 2d8 each turn.

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