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Why the change?[edit]

I recently read an article ( which raised a few concerns about the ordinary ability scores. You can read the article, but what I got out of it was that any given character only really cares about 2 or 3 of their ability scores: under my rule, all 6 ability scores are highly important. This may or may not be desirable at any given table, but for me at least it seems like this increases the importance of character building as well as the potential variety of characters. This should be fairly obvious from the rest of the page, but here is the list of ability scores that I am proposing: Power for physical speed and general strength; Endurance for slow or continuous physical prowess (i.e. stamina) and general strength; Reflex for mental speed; Awareness for using the 5 (6?) senses; Will for things like assertiveness, courage, force of personality and leadership; and Intelligence for everything else mental.

This page goes through the Player’s Handbook, making all necessary changes page by page. Some changes I suggest don't seem related to the new ability scores, but I did have some rationale for each which I can explain in the discussion.

Summary of Rules[edit]

1. The ability score changes that are central to the article. These are described in the intro, as well as at p12 and p175-179.

2. Speed is based on power score (p20-43).

3. Some classes have limited weapon proficiencies. They usually have no good ranged options or no good melee options (p47, p52, p65, p71, p77, p83, p95, p100, p106, p113).

4. Spellcasting abilities are changed (p53, p58, p66, p84-85, p92, p101, p107).

5. Creatures can become turned simply by taking damage (p189-198, p292).

6. Finesse weapons have improved critical (p147, p72-73).

7. Some classes get extra features because the above changes harm them (Throughout p43 to p119).

8. Attacks have attack types. This makes resistances and immunities more varied (p197).

9. All saving throws use either Endurance, Reflex or Will (211-289).

Chapter 1[edit]


Ability Score Summary
Ability Score Measures Important for Racial Increases
Power Speed, acceleration, athleticism Barbarian, monk, sorcerer, wizard Mountain dwarves(3), Elves(1), Humans(1), Dragonborn(2), Half-orcs(2), Stout Halflings(1), Forest gnomes(1)
Endurance Stamina, health, tenacity Barbarian, fighter, paladin Dwarves(3), Stout halflings(1), Humans(1), Rock gnomes(2), Half-orcs(2), Dragonborn(1)
Reflex Reaction time, avoidance, grace Barbarian, druid, monk, rogue Elves(1), Halflings(2), Humans(1), Gnomes(1), Tieflings(1)
Awareness 5 senses, hand-eye coordination, attention to detail Barbarian, druid, fighter, monk, paladin, ranger, rogue, warlock Hill dwarves(2), Wood elves(1), Humans(1), Forest gnomes(1), Half-orcs(1)
Intelligence Intelligence (optionally), memory, knowledge Bard, druid, ranger, rogue, wizard High elves(2), Drow(1), Lightfoot halflings(2), Humans(1), Gnomes(2), Tieflings(1)
Will Self-confidence, charisma, morale, assertiveness Barbarian, cleric, fighter, paladin, warlock Drow(1), Humans(1), Dragonborn(1), Half-elves(2), Tieflings(2), Halflings(1)
Strength Attack power, force Barbarian, fighter, monk, rogue, sorcerer Can't be increased separately from Power/Endurance

p13: the methods for determining ability scores apply to the first six ability scores only, Strength being the average of Power and Endurance (Power + Endurance all divided by two).

p20-43: see above table for ASIs. Also, write in the speed section of each race that you add five times your Power modifier to your speed and reduce the total by 5 (minimum speed 15 feet).

p24: Sunlight Sensitivity gives disadvantage on Perception checks and attack rolls.

p34: Breath Weapon save DC uses Endurance modifier.

p39: Half-elves get to increase Will by 2 and 3 different other ability scores by 1.

p45-119: All hit points use Endurance instead of Constitution. Ability Score Increases can't increase Strength, but if they are used on Power or Endurance, Strength may be recalculated. Weapon proficiencies are listed on page 149. Quick builds don’t exist.

p47: Barbarians have proficiency with Endurance saves. They also have proficiency with Melee Weapons, daggers, darts, slings and light crossbows.

p48: Rage gives adv to Strength and Power checks and saves and buffs all melee attacks. UAC is 10+Reflex mod+Endurance mod. Reckless Attack buffs all melee attacks. Danger Sense buffs Power and Reflex saves.

p49: Starting at level 7 when you get Feral Instinct, immediately after you roll initiative you may choose a friendly creature you’re touching. Trade initiative scores with the chosen creature. The chosen creature can act normally while surprised, you cannot. Relentless Rage uses a DC 10 Endurance save. Indomitable Might is unchanged. Primal Champion increases Power and Endurance, allowing you to recalculate Strength.

p52: Bards have proficiency with Will saves. They also have proficiency with Melee Weapons, daggers, darts, slings, light hammers and light crossbows. One of their three skill proficiencies must be performance.

p53-54: Bardic Inspiration and Song of Rest use d4s. This die increases to d6s at levels 5/9, d8s at levels 10/13, and d10s at levels 15/17.

p53: Replace every Charisma in Spellcasting with Intelligence.

p54: You can use Bardic Inspiration a number of times equal to your Intelligence modifier.

p57: Clerics have proficiency with Will saves. They also have proficiency with all weapons.

p58: Replace every Wisdom in Spellcasting with Will. You may prepare a number of spells equal to your Will modifier + half your cleric level (minimum of one spell).

p59: Turn Undead uses a Will save. Note that I have redefined "turned" (see p192).

p60: Read Thoughts uses a Will save. Potent spellcasting uses Will. Visions of the past lasts as long as your Intelligence score and goes back as far as your Awareness score.

p61: You can use Warding Flare a number of times equal to your Will modifier. Radiance of the Dawn uses an Endurance save. Potent spellcasting uses Will.

p62: Charm Animals and Plants uses a Will save. Wrath of the Storm uses a Reflex save.

p63: Blessing of the Trickster improves Stealth*. You can use War Priest a number of times equal to your Will modifier.

p65: Druids have proficiency with Endurance saves. They also have proficiency with Ranged weapons, clubs, greatclubs and quarterstaffs.

p66: Druidic can be spotted with a DC 15 Perception(Awareness)* check. Replace every Wisdom in Spellcasting with Intelligence. You may prepare a number of spells equal to your Intelligence modifier + half your druid level (minimum of one spell prepared). You can’t use Wild Shape to become a CR 0 beast.

p67, 212, 274: In Wild Shape, Animal Shape or Shapechange you retain your Reflex, Intelligence, Awareness and Will scores.

p67: Archdruid only lets you use Wild Shape 5 times before taking a short rest.

p69: Nature’s sanctuary uses a Will save.

p71: Fighters have proficiency with Endurance saves. They also have proficiency with all weapons except longbows. They don't have proficiency with heavy armour.

p72-73: Champions get no benefit from using Finesse weapons. Remarkable Athlete affects Power, Endurance and Strength checks.

p72: Second Wind is replaced with, “From 1st level, you may spend an action to roll one of your Fighter Hit Dice. You regain hit points equal to the number rolled plus your Endurance modifier (minimum 1 hit point). Beginning at 6th level, using this ability costs a bonus action instead of an action and you may roll up to three Hit Dice each time you use it.” You don’t get an Ability Score Increase at 6th level.

p73: Survival would use 5+Endurance modifier. Maneuver saves use Strength.

p74: Know your Enemy can show Power score, Endurance score or Reflex score. Goading Attack uses a Will save. Parry uses Reflex mod.

p77: Monks have proficiency with Reflex saves. They also have proficiency with Melee Weapons, daggers, darts, slings and light crossbows.

p78: UAC uses 10+Reflex mod+Awareness mod. For Martial Arts, monk weapons are one-handed non-heavy weapons that you're proficient with. The Martial Arts damage dice become 1d6 at 1st level, 2d4 at 5th level, 1d10 at 9th level and 1d12 at 13th level. Your ki save DC uses Intelligence. Deflect Missiles uses your Reflex modifier.

p79: Stunning Strike uses an Endurance save. Evasion buffs Power and Reflex saves. Open Hand technique uses Strength saves.

p80: The Tranquility saving throw is 8+Intelligence mod+prof bonus. Quivering Palm uses an Endurance save.

p81: Fist of Unbroken Air uses a Strength save. Water Whip uses a Power save.

p83: Paladins have proficiency with Endurance saves. They also have proficiency with Melee Weapons, daggers, darts, slings and light crossbows.

p84-85: Divine Sense can be used 1+Will mod times. Replace all Charismas in Spellcasting with Will.

p85: Aura of Protection uses Will. Cleansing Touch can be used Will mod number of times. You must spend the spell slot of Divine Smite before you know your attack will hit. It deals 2d10 damage on a hit, plus 1d10 for each spell level higher than 1st, to a maximum of 6d10.

p86: Sacred Weapon uses Will mod. Turn the Unholy uses a Will save. Note that I have redefined "turned" (see p192).

p87: Nature’s Wrath uses a Strength save. Turn the Faithless uses a Will save. Note that I have redefined "turned" (see p192).

p88: Abjure Enemy uses a Will save. Avenging Angel uses a Will save.

p90: Rangers have proficiency with Reflex saves.

p91: Once per round, when one of your favored enemies attacks you, you may give that attack -1 to-hit. Once per round, when you are attacked in one of your favored terrains, you may give that attack -1 to-hit.

p92: Replace all Wisdoms in Spellcasting with Intelligence. Primeval Awareness doesn’t require a spell slot, so it always lasts 1 minute. Starting at 8th level your speed increases by 10 feet while you are in one of your favored terrains. Hide in Plain Sight buffs Stealth. Foe Slayer adds your Intelligence modifier to both the attack and damage roll of one attack you make each turn against a favored enemy.

p93: Colossus Slayer may be used more than once per turn. If the attack granted by Giant Slayer is made against one of your favored enemies, it is made with advantage. If you use Stand Against the Tide against a creature that has already attacked you once this turn, it must repeat both attacks against another creature you choose. Your beast companions have resistance to all damage types.

p93, 96 & 168: Evasion buffs Reflex saves. Mounted Combatant buffs the Reflex saves of mounts.

p95: Rogues have advantage on Reflex saves. They also have proficiency with all weapons.

p96: You get a feature called Cunning Attacks, “Starting at 2nd level, you get +1 to-hit with weapon attacks.” Slippery Mind buffs Intelligence saves.

p97: Fast Hands buffs Sleight of Hand. Second Story Work uses Power. Supreme Sneak buffs Stealth. Imposter buffs Deception. Death Strike uses Awareness for the DC and uses an Endurance save.

p98: Mage Hand Legerdemain contests your Sleight of Hand against the target’s Perception.

p100: Sorcerers have proficiency with Will saves. They also have proficiency with Melee Weapons, daggers, darts, slings and light crossbows.

p101: Replace every Charisma in Spellcasting with Strength.

p102: Careful Spell targets up to Intelligence mod number of creatures. Draconic AC equals 13+Reflex mod.

p103: Draconic Presence uses a Will save.

p104: Effect 25-26 buffs Perception.

p106: Warlocks have proficiency with Will saves. They also have proficiency with Melee Weapons, daggers, darts, slings and light crossbows.

p107: Replace every Charisma in Spellcasting with Will.

p109: Fey Presence uses a Will save. Beguiling defenses uses a Will save. Dark Delirium uses a Will save. Dark One’s Blessing uses Will.

p110: Agonizing Blast uses Power.

p111: Lifedrinker uses Will.

p113: Wizards have proficiency with Will saves. They also have proficiency with Ranged weapons, clubs, greatclubs and quarterstaffs.

p115: Arcane Recovery may be used as a bonus action. You gain a feature called Magic Resistance, “Starting at 3rd level you get advantage on saving throws you make against magic.”

p117: Hypnotic Gaze and Instinctive Charm use Will saves. Alter Memories takes away 1+Will mod hours.

p119: Command Undead uses a Will save.

p144: If you wear armor you aren’t proficient with, you have disadvantage on any ability check, saving throw or attack roll using Power, Strength or Reflex. Armor that shows Disadvantage in the Stealth table gives disadvantage on Stealth checks to the wearer. Add your Reflex modifier to the base Armor class of Light Armor, and add your Reflex modifier to a maximum of 2 to the base Armor class of Medium Armor. Armor that weighs 40lb. or more reduces speed by 5 feet.

p147: Thrown: “This weapon may be used as if it was a melee weapon, using the attack type in parentheses.” Finesse: “If you roll 19 or 20 on an attack roll using this weapon, it is a critical hit.” Martial: “If you are not proficient with this weapon, you have disadvantage on attacks you make with it.”

p149: Daggers, handaxes, javelins, light hammers, spears, darts, tridents and nets are ranged weapons and have Thrown. Battleaxes, daggers, darts, flails, glaives, greataxes, greatswords, halberds, lances, longswords, mauls, morningstars, pikes, rapiers, scimitars, shortswords, tridents, war picks, war hammers and whips have Martial.

p150: A creature can end the damage of Alchemist’s fire by using its action to make a DC 10 Power check. Ball Bearings and Caltrops use Awareness saves. Hunting Traps use Reflex initially, and Strength to break free. Picking a lock takes a DC 15 Intelligence check. Escaping or picking manacles takes Intelligence, breaking them takes Strength. Poison uses an Endurance save.

p163: Multiclassing Prerequisites:

Barbarian = Endurance 13

Bard = Intelligence 13

Cleric = Will 13

Druid = Awareness 13

Fighter = Strength 13

Monk = Power 13 and Reflex 13

Paladin = Will 13

Ranger = Strength 13 and Awareness 13

Rogue = Power 13

Sorcerer = Strength 13

Warlock = Will 13

Wizard = Intelligence 13

p165: Athlete increases Power or Endurance by 1. Actor increases Intelligence by 1, gives advantage on Deception and Performance checks, and its mimic can be seen through with Insight(Intelligence) contested by your Deception (Intelligence). Defensive Duelist requires a Reflex of 13.

p166: Dungeon Delver gives advantage to Perception and Investigation checks made to detect doors. Durable increases and uses Endurance.

p167: Heavily Armored, Heavy Armor Master and Lightly Armored increase Power by 1. Inspiring Leader requires 13 Will and gives temphp equal to level+Will mod.

p168: Medium Armor Master removes disadvantage from Stealth checks, and gives 3 to your AC if you have at least 16 Reflex. Moderately Armored increases Power. Observant increases Awareness, and gives a bonus to passive Perception and passive Investigation.

p168, 169 & 170: Magic Initiate, Ritual Caster and Sharpshooter use Intelligence for Bard, Druid, Ranger or Wizard; Will for Cleric, Paladin or Warlock; or Strength for Sorcerer.

p169: Ritual Caster requires an Intelligence of 13.

p170: Skulker requires nothing, and improves Perception checks relying on sight. Tavern Brawler increases Power or Endurance. War Caster gives advantage on Endurance saves made for concentration. Weapon Master increases Power.

Chapter 2[edit]

p174: Skills ARE NOT tied to Ability Scores. The DM chooses the skill and the score that best apply to the situation.

p175-179: Power is for physical speed of any kind. Endurance is for slow physical prowess. Strength is for attacks and any physical checks that aren’t obviously fast or slow. Reflex is for fast mental reactions. Awareness is for using the five senses to observe things. Will is for assertiveness, morale, courage, force of will and leadership. Intelligence is for anything else that uses the brain. As stated on page 12, Strength isn’t an ability score per se.

p182: Fast travel pace nerfs Perception checks. Jumping is based on Power and landing is based on Acrobatics (Strength).

p183: Characters can make Survival (Awareness) checks to navigate, track or forage. Creatures can hold their breath for 1+Endurance mod minutes and survive unconscious for Endurance mod number of minutes. Light obscurial gives disadvantage on Perception checks relying on sight.

p186: Any ability score could potentially be used in a social encounter. Short Resting adds Endurance mod to each Hit Die.

p187: Recuperating uses an Endurance save.

p189-198: When a creature is reduced below half of its maximum hit points or below 20% of its maximum hit points, it must roll a d20. The number rolled cannot be increased or decreased. If the roll is equal to or greater than the creature’s Will score, that creature becomes turned until it is brought above half of its hit points or 10 minutes have passed. If the roll is less than the creature's Will score, the creature becomes not-turned for 10 minutes.

p189: Surprise contests the Stealth of hiding characters with the Perception of searching characters. Initiative is based on Reflex.

p192: Hide uses Stealth. Dodge is changed to the following: For each creature you can see, guess an attack type (see page 196). If a creature targeted by this effect attacks you with an attack that has that type, it misses. If a creature targeted by this effect casts a spell that has that attack type and that spell forces you to make a Reflex save, you automatically succeed on that saving throw. You lose this benefit if you are incapacitated or your speed drops to 0. When you take the Attack action, you may replace any number of your attacks with brandishes. When you make a brandish, choose a creature within range. That creature makes a DC 15 Will save. If the creature fails its save, it cannot attack you this round. Player characters and especially heroic NPC's may choose before rolling to automatically succeed on the save.

p193: When you use Search, the DM chooses what happens. Before you try to interact with an object, make a Power check with a DC of 5 + five times the number of objects you have interacted with this turn. On a failure, you must spend your action to interact with the object, and you cannot interact with other objects anymore this turn.

p194: Add your Awareness modifier to the attack rolls of melee and ranged weapon attacks. Add your Strength modifier to the damage of melee and ranged weapon attacks.

p195: Grappling contests your Athletics (Strength) check against your target’s Athletics (Strength) or Athletics (Power) check (the target chooses which score to use). If they try to escape, the same contest is made. To shove a creature, the same contest is made.

p196: A target with cover has a +2 or +5 bonus to Reflex saves. There are now attack types as well as damage types. The attack types are currently clubbing (e.g. hitting with a club), piercing (e.g. hitting with a spear), slashing (e.g. hitting with a scimitar, clawing), touching (for simply touching someone), projectile (for arrows, rays and other missiles), exploding (for things that expand explosively out of a source), splashing (for things that expand in other ways out of a source, e.g. acid splash, burning hands, a waterfall), wreathing (for things surrounding their targets, e.g. sacred flame, blight and other poison/necrotic stuff), aerial (for things that come from above their targets, e.g. moonbeam, urd rocks, real lightning; this could probably be removed) and mental (for stuff that targets people’s minds). As a list that’s clubbing, piercing, slashing, touching, projectile, exploding, splashing, wreathing, aerial and mental. The damage types are acid, weapon, cold, fire, force, lightning, necrotic, poison, psychic, radiant, thunder and weapon; the latter of which entails all physical attacks.

p197: In addition to damage resistances, vulnerabilities and immunities, there are attack resistances, vulnerabilities and immunities. If a creature or an object has resistance to an attack type, attacks of that type against it are made with disadvantage and the creature or object has advantage on saving throws against that attack type. If a creature or an object has vulnerability to an attack type, attacks of that type against it are made with advantage and the creature or object has disadvantage on saving throws against that attack type. If a creature or object has immunity to an attack type, attacks of that type against it miss and the creature or object succeeds automatically on saving throws against that attack type. You can stabilize a creature with a DC 10 Medecine (Intelligence) check.

p198: Staying on your mount takes a DC 10 Reflex check.

Chapter 3[edit]

p203: The saving throw to maintain concentration uses Endurance.

p210: Warlocks don't get access to Eyebite, Arcane Gate, Finger of Death, True Polymorph or Imprisonment.

p211-289: Whenever an illusion asks for an Intelligence (Investigation) check, make an Investigation check instead, using Intelligence unless there is a reason to use a different score. All saves are either Reflex saves (avoidance), Endurance saves (physical resistance) or Will saves (mental resistance).

Reflex saves:

Acid Splash deals splashing acid damage

Blade Barrier deals slashing weapon damage

Burning Hands deals splashing fire damage

Call Lightning deals aerial lightning damage

Chain Lightning deals projectile lightning damage

Conjure Barrage

Conjure Volley

Cordon of Arrows deals projectile weapon damage

Delayed Blast Fireball deals exploding fire damage

Disintegrate deals projectile force damage

Evard’s Black Tentacles deals clubbing weapon damage

Faerie Fire

Fireball deals exploding fire damage

Fire Storm deals wreathing fire damage

Flame Strike deals aerial fire and aerial radiant damage

Flaming Sphere deals clubbing fire damage

Explosive Runes deals exploding damage

Grasping Vine

Guardian of Faith deals slashing radiant damage

Hall of Thorns deals piercing weapon damage

Hellish Rebuke deals wreathing fire damage

Hunger of Hadar deals mental cold damage for starting turn and wreathing acid damage for ending turn

Ice Storm deals clubbing cold and wreathing cold damage

Incendiary cloud deals wreathing fire damage


Lightning Bolt deals projectile lightning damage

Meteor Swarm deals wreathing fire damage and wreathing weapon damage

Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere

Prismatic Spray deals splashing damage

Prismatic Wall deals wreathing damage; Indigo uses Endurance and Violet uses Will

Reverse Gravity

Sacred Flame deals wreathing radiant damage

Sleet Storm

Wall of Fire deals wreathing fire damage

Wall of Stone

Wall of Thorns deals piercing weapon damage

Web: break free with a Strength check

Endurance saves:

Arms of Hadar deals clubbing necrotic damage

Blight deals wreathing necrotic damage

Blinding Smite


Circle of Death deals exploding necrotic damage

Cloudkill deals wreathing poison damage

Cone of Cold deals splashing cold damage

Control Water: Whirlpool deals wreathing weapon damage. Swimming away takes an Athletics (Strength) check

Destructive Wave deals exploding thunder damage and exploding radiant or necrotic damage

Enlarge/Reduce affects Strength

Ensnaring Strike deals weapon damage


Finger of Death deals mental necrotic damage

Flesh to Stone


Harm deals wreathing necrotic damage

Holy Aura

Insect Plague deals wreathing weapon damage


Moonbeam deals aerial radiant damage

Otiluke’s Freezing Sphere deals exploding cold damage

Poison Spray deals splashing poison damage

Power Word Stun

Ray of Enfeeblement

Searing Smite deals wreathing fire damage

Shatter deals splashing thunder damage

Stinking Cloud

Sunbeam deals projectile radiant damage

Sunburst deals splashing radiant damage

Thunderous Smite

Thunderwave deals exploding thunder damage

Tsunami deals wreathing weapon damage

Wind Wall deals clubbing thunder damage

Will saves:

Animal Friendship




Bestow Curse

Calm Emotions

Charm Person


Compelled Duel



Contact Other Plane

Crown of Madness

Detect Thoughts

Dispel Evil and Good

Dissonant Whispers deals mental psychic damage

Divine Word

Dominate Beast/Monster/Person

Dream deals mental psychic damage




Feeblemind deals mental psychic damage




Hold Monster/Person

Hypnotic Pattern

Magic Circle

Mass Suggestion

Modify Memory

Otto’s Irresistible Dance nerfs Reflex saves

Phantasmal Killer deals mental psychic damage

Planar Binding

Plane Shift


Phantasmal Force deals mental psychic damage


Slow nerfs Reflex saves

Spirit Guardians deals wreathing radiant or wreathing necrotic damage

Staggering Smite


Tasha’s Hideous Laughter

True Polymorph

Vicious Mockery

Weird deals mental psychic damage

Wrathful Smite

Zone of Truth

Attack Rolls (increase the damage dice in each of these following spells so as to increase the damage by an average of one):

Chill Touch deals touching necrotic damage

Chromatic orb deals projectile damage

Eldritch Blast deals projectile force damage

Fire Bolt deals projectile fire damage

Flame Blade deals slashing fire damage

Guiding Bolt deals projectile force damage

Inflict Wounds deals touching necrotic damage

Melf’s Acid Arrow deals projectile acid damage followed by splashing acid damage

Mordenkainen’s Faithful Hound deals piercing force damage

Mordenkainen’s Sword deals slashing force damage

Produce Flame deals projectile fire damage

Ray of Frost deals projectile cold damage

Ray of Sickness deals projectile necrotic damage and uses an Endurance save

Scorching ray deals projectile fire damage

Shocking Grasp deals touching lightning damage

Spiritual Weapon deals clubbing force damage

Thorn Whip deals piercing weapon damage

Vampiric Touch deals touching necrotic damage

Witch Bolt deals projectile lightning damage

p213: Animate Objects gives Endurance equal to the Str column and Power equal to the Dex column and Reflex, Intelligence, Wisdom and Will of 3.

p217: Beacon of Hope buffs Will saves.

p218: Bigby’s Hand has a Reflex of 10 and Power and Endurance of 26; it deals clubbing force for Clenched Fist or Grasping hand. Forceful Hand uses is contested by the target’s Athletics (Strength)

p227: Contagion uses an Endurance saving throw. Blinding Sickness targets Awareness, Filth Fever targets Reflex, Flesh Rot targets Will, Mindfire targets Intelligence, Seizure targets Power and Slimy Doom targets Endurance. Other than that it works the same.

p236: Earthquake uses an Endurance save to break concentration and a Reflex save to stay standing. Fissures use Reflex saves. Structures deal weapon damage to structures; when they collapse they deal clubbing weapon damage with Reflex save for half damage. Buried creatures must make a DC 20 Athletics (Strength) check to get out.

p237: Under Enhance Ability Bear’s Endurance buffs Endurance, Bull’s Strength buffs Power and Strength, Cat’s Grace buffs Reflex, Fox’s Cunning buffs Intelligence, Eagle’s Splendor is replaced with Eagle’s Sense which buffs Awareness and Owl’s Wisdom is replaced with Honey Badger’s Courage which buffs Will.

p244-245: Friends and Glibness give benefits to Persuasion, Deception, Intimidation and Performance checks against the target. Gaseous Form gives advantage on Power, Strength and Endurance saves.

p250: Haste buffs Reflex saves (there are no Power saves). Heroes’ Feast buffs Will saves.

p251: Hunter’s Mark buffs any skill check made to find the mark.

p255: Lightning Arrow starts by dealing projectile lightning damage, it then makes splashing lightning damage.

p256: Mage Armour gives an AC of 13 + Reflex modifier.

p264: Pass without Trace buffs Stealth.

p279: Storm of Vengeance deals aerial thunder damage on an Endurance save round 1, acid damage round 2, aerial lightning damage on a Reflex save round 3, weapon damage round 4 and cold damage rounds 5-10.

p280: Death Symbol deals mental necrotic damage on an Endurance save, Discord uses an Endurance save, Fear uses a Will save, Hopelessness uses a Will save, Insanity uses a Will save, Pain uses an Endurance save, Sleep uses a Will save, Stunning uses a Will save.

p285: Wall of Ice deals clubbing cold damage on a Reflex save initially, then wreathing cold damage on an Endurance save.

p291-292: Paralyzed, Petrified, Stunned and Unconscious cause automatic failure of Reflex saves; Restrained gives disadvantage on Reflex saves.


p292: A turned creature cannot make Attacks, but it may brandish (see p192). It can also Dash as a bonus action instead of an action. If a turned creature casts an Area of Effect spell, the spell is centred on the caster. If a turned creature makes a spell attack, the spell attack becomes a brandish. A not-turned creature cannot be turned.


Strength -> Power

Dexterity -> Reflex

Constitution -> Endurance

Intelligence -> Intelligence

Wisdom -> Awareness

1/2 Strength + 1/2 Constitution -> Strength

If high Charisma give proficiency to Persuasion, Deception, Intimidation, Performance

CR 0 -> 6 Will

CR ⅛ -> 6 Will

CR ¼ -> 6 or 7 Will

CR ½ -> 7 +-1 Will

CR 1 -> 7 or 8 Will

CR 2 -> 8 +-1 Will

CR 3 -> 9 +-1 Will

CR 4 -> 10 +-1 Will

CR 5 -> 11 +-1 Will

CR 6 -> 12 +-1 Will

CR 7 -> 13 +-1 Will

CR 8 -> 14 +-1 Will

CR 9 -> 15 +-1 Will

CR 10 -> 15 +-1 Will

CR 11 -> 16 +-1 Will

CR 12 -> 17 +-1 Will

CR 13 -> 18 +-1 Will

CR 14 -> 18 +-1 Will

CR 15 -> 19 +-1 Will

CR 16 -> 20 +-1 Will

CR 17 -> 20 +-1 Will

CR 18 -> 21 +-1 Will

CR 19 -> 22 +-1 Will

CR 20 -> 23 +-1 Will

CR 21 -> 23 +-1 Will

CR 22 -> 24 +-1 Will

CR 23 -> 24 +-1 Will

CR 24 -> 25 +-1 Will

CR 25 -> 25 +-2 Will

CR 26 -> 25 +-2 Will

CR 27 -> 26 +-2 Will

CR 28 -> 26 +-2 Will

CR 29 -> 27 +-2 Will

CR 30 -> 27 +-3 Will

Increase all damages by an average of 1 (preferably using dice). e.g. Wolf’s Bite attack deals 1d4+1d6+2 damage on a hit.

For damage types, attack types, damage and attack resistances, immunities and vulnerabilities just do what seems right.

Removing Intelligence[edit]

Intelligence is a weird ability score. It's hard to know how to roleplay a genius or stupid character, and it's hard to know when the ability score should be used. The article above presents one way to deal with intelligence; here is another:

When assigning ability scores, only 5 ability scores are assigned. Intelligence will be either a number chosen by the DM for all players (Maybe 12) or the average of Reflex, Awareness and Will (add them together and divide by 3). Bards, Druids, Rangers and Wizards use Awareness as their spellcasting ability. The Intelligence ASIs of races apply to Awareness instead. Spotting illusions uses awareness.

Character Sheet[edit]


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