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Neko are a humanoid race of cat-people, which are much like elves, except for a few distinct traits.


Neko are very curious, as a whole, and are quite enjoyable. They tend to irritate people with their playfulness, but most people find it difficult to stay mad at them for long.

Physical description:

Neko stand about as tall as typical humans do, with gender rarely making a difference in size. They tend to weigh as much as elves. They have typical human skin-tones, and their eyes tend to be either green or amber. The most distinctive aspect of the Neko, is their ears and tails. Their ears are much like cats, i.e. high atop the head, and shaped like said cats ears as well. The tail tends to jump around, even more so if the Neko is excited or nervous. The fur on the ears and tail is the same color as the hair of the Neko. Hair color can be of any color.


Neko get along well with elves, mainly because the elves have a habit of being very aloof, much like the Neko. They get along with halflings and gnomes due to the fact that halflings are happy, full of energy and a love for life, and the gnomes due to the same reasons, and the fact that the gnomes tend to have shiny objects around, which Neko are attracted to. They find dwarves to be too focused and half-orcs to be too cumbersome. They like the fact that humans admire them and consider them exotic.


Neko are generally chaotic neutral. They tend to have little respect for laws, and don’t care about the conflict between good and evil, which they think could be solved if the leaders rubbed each other’s bellies. They think the same thing about the Blood Wars.

Neko lands:

Neko tend to live in the forests and back alleys of large cities. Very rarely are there Neko towns, much less cities.


Neko, as a whole, aren’t really a religious bunch. There are only a couple of Neko clerics, and druids deal with most of those pesky wounds.


Neko language is made up of purrs and meows, and they have difficulty speaking gutteral languages like orcish, or goblin. Their language’s alphabet is mainly different types of lines with dots and slashes to represent how much emphasis and fluidity to put on it. Only the Neko archivist-hermits know how in the Nine Hells they came up with the alphabet. Even the gods don’t know. It is nearly impossible for non-Neko to figure out how to read it.


Neko don’t place too much emphasis on names. But, to satiate those name-craving humans, they choose names just because they think they sound good. They never use their ‘real’ names, which one can assume; they can’t even remember themselves.

Neko Racial Traits:

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