Necropotent Spellcaster (5e Feat)

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Necropotent Spellcaster

Prerequisites: The ability to cast at least one necromancy spell
Your control of necromancy spells beyond typical reanimation spells has reached master level granting you the following benefits:

  • Necromancy school spells you cast become more powerful. You may treat all 1's rolled as 2's on damage dies from spells cast Necromancy school.
  • When you cast a necromancy spell that requires a target to make a saving throw or requires you to make a spell attack roll, you may immediately empower the spell as a bonus action. If the spell has a saving throw, the target of the spell has disadvantage on the saving throw against the spell and if the spell requires a spell attack roll, you have advantage on that roll. You may use this effect twice and you regain all uses of this spell after you finish a long rest.
  • Necromancy spells that inflict conditions against the target can be cast against constructs or undead, though they have advantage against saving throws for them.

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