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Intermediate Deity
Symbol: A Snowflake formed into the sigil of the Pentacle, with a Circle of Gold.
Home Plane: Elemental Plane
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: The Sea, Fertility, Warmth and Cold, Dusk, Secrets
Clergy Alignments: Within one step; Chaotic Neutral (High Priestess)
Domains: Creation, Darkness, Water, Weather
Favored Weapon: Lance, Whip.
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More information...

Nanelz is popular amongst those who live near the ocean, and those who suffer from shortly-lived-lives. Nanelz is depicted, and described as a humanoid creature with hair similar to the tendrils of a beholder or Mindflayer. It's skin is the color of a blue sky reflected in the ocean, and it's eyes glow such a bright color of yellow those who gaze into the depths of them are transfixed. Those who are lucky to be a part of It's Rites often tell of It's Love for It's Daughters, it's chosen of Priestesses.

Duskmight is a relic of one of Nanelz' shed body-appendages, a Whip of such construction that it can form a Spear or Lance of itself.


Nanelz demands that all It's Clerics follow the Three Laws of The Waves, but rewards them for particular actions. However, It's Chosen Ones, the Daughters of Duskmight are gifted even higher, especially It's High Priestess, famed to be of It's Loins, where It breeds each to create a more perfect pact. The High Priestess completes a special rite every year, of which Nanelz is allowed to walk the Natural Plane for a Night and a Day.

The Three Rules

1. Do Not Harm Thy Fellow, in-fighting amongst Nanelz' clergy is met with banishment for both parties involved, and they are not raised up into It's Plane.

2. Continue Our Creation, Nanelz requires all of it's clergy to retain their sexuality, those who refuse to participate in the creation of new life are not welcome amongst It's clergy.

3. Destroy Those Who Threaten, Nanelz's clergy are required to fight anyone who seeks to destroy that which it stands for. Whether it is humans who try to control the waves of the sea, or Undead who seek to devour the living in a twisted mockery of the Creation.

A special set of rites is possessed by the Daughters of Duskmight, of whom the High Priestess is considered the Living Avatar of Nanelz, they are bound by these rules, and one more.

4. Do Not Transcribe Our Pact, Those who break the pact and the secrecy of it are cast forever from the coven, and often suffer death for it.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Nanelz's Clergy are not held to a lone temple or place of worship. Though many keep to groves if they are more inland, many find it fit to worship It only near a large body of water, at least a Lake in size. The site of a Rite of Nanelz can be discovered through an unnatural Chill, or Warmth that hangs for 1d20 days after the Rite is completed.

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