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Lesser Deity
Symbol: A skull encircled by a mechanical snake
Home Plane: Earth (ascended to the heavens)
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: Necromancers
Clergy Alignments: non-good/non-lawful only
Domains: Necromancy
Favored Weapon: Chimeric Staff
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Nalgoroth looks much as he did in his human form, standing roughly 6 feet tall, with long, black hair and a close-shaven black beard. His eyes glow crimson when angered.


Nalgoroth is the most high. All who would stand opposed to Nalgoroth or his followers must be slain and Animated, so that all may see their fate. Necromancy is the purest form of magic, for death is the key to life.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

The primary tool in any priest of Nalgoroth's possession is the Spellbook of Nalgoroth. This is not actually a spellbook, but a book written and enchanted by Nalgoroth when he was still mortal. Anyone reading this book is hypnotized, as the spell, and must read and believe every single word printed within. Nalgoroth himself opened the book by mistake one day, and became convinced of his own godhood. Such was his conviction that in a single day, he had arisen as a lesser god. There is an underground sect of Nalgoroth's priesthood dedicated to copying and distributing this so-called spellbook. Temples of Nalgoroth are heavily disguised, due to the evil nature of what goes on there, but they are generally located within easy walking distance of a graveyard. Priests study their spells before they go to sleep, for sleep is a state and dreams are a realm likened unto death.

Days of sacrifice to Nalgoroth are January 10th (his birthday) and September 12th (the day of his ascension.) On these days, a small child (up to 9 years of age) is killed with a serrated dagger, then resurrected with the spell Animate Dead.

Chimeric Staff[edit]

This is a longstaff with a carved serpent head. When a hidden button at the base is activated, the staff becomes a mechanical snake, retaining its handle so that the user can still control it. An activated Chimeric Staff is considered to have its own turn and has the following stats: HP: 80 AC: 45 Int 3, Wis 10, Str 12, Dex 16, Con -, Cha - Weapons: BIte (Melee, 2d6 plus Poison - see standard Poison chart)

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