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Martial Melee Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
NRS-2 Rare 1d4 slashing/2d6 piercing 3 lb. Finesse, Light, Thrown (range 20/60), Special, Ammunition (range 30/120), Loading

Known in its native language as the Нож Разведчика Стреляющий (literally Scout Firing Knife), and being catalogued under official GRAU index 6P25U, the NRS-2 is a survival knife similar to the America Ka-Bar Fighting/Utility knife with a barrel and firing mechanism capable of firing a single 7.62×42mm SP-4 (СП-4) cartridge built into the handle. Originally manufactured for the Soviet Union, it is still used by the modern Spetsnaz and certain Russian special law enforcement groups.

When you make a melee attack with this weapon, it does not have the Ammunition or Loading properties, and it deals 1d4 slashing damage. When you make a ranged attack with this weapon, it does not have the thrown property and deals 2d6 piercing damage.

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