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Lesser Deity
Symbol: The musical note
Home Plane: The Land of Make-Believe
Alignment: Lawful Good
Portfolio: Musicians, Community Leaders, Diplomats, Knitters
Clergy Alignments: Lawful Good, Neutral Good
Domains: Community, Peace, Dream, Good, Law, Mind.
Favored Weapon: A kind word and gentle smile.

No matter what land you visit, chances are you'll find at least one person who has at least heard of Mr. Rogers. Those who follow him strictly always greet others as "neighbor", and welcome them to their home regardless of the danger which may proceed.

According to some legends, Mr. Rogers was a man who, in life, did so much and such good that he gained the direct attention of the Gods. They afforded him their protection, thus- upon his death, he would be allowed to join their ranks, so he could continue spreading his message of peace and brotherhood into the everafter. Whatever his origin, Mr. Rogers (always Mr. Rogers, for reasons few now remember, but which everyone follows) is undoubtedly great and kind, ideals his followers have attempted to live up to.

Mr. Rogers, when he appears on the mortal plane, appears as a man of slightly more than moderate age, clad in a white shirt, tie, pressed black pants, and a suit jacket. He is usually seen wearing hard-soled black dress shoes. At times, usually when making a major appearance such as to calm a battle, Mr. Rogers has been seen wearing a zippered-up sweater in place of the suit jacket.

Mr. Rogers dwells in his own plane, the Land of Make Believe, with several other entities that he seems to regard as close personal friends. Of note, those few that have made the trip to this plane report that Mr. Rogers there wears his sweater constantly, as well as a pair of strange soft-soled shoes rather than his normal dress shoes, though the exact significance of this is unknown.


Mr. Rogers has since time immemorial taught a message of peace, charity, and love for one's fellow man. He discourages such vices as mean-spiritedness and excess, and urges all who would listen to learn to control their anger, expressing it in safe ways such as through music or art rather than war and strife. Education is also a central tenet of the god's philosophy, and he offers all children his personal protection and solace.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Clerics of Mr. Rogers wear hand-knitted sweaters of various colors, long black pants, and black dress shoes. They are strictly nonviolent and carry no weapons, though many have learned some forms of unarmed or hand-to-hand combat for self-defense. Clerics of Mr. Rogers prefer to focus on defusing violence before it can begin, usually through speechcraft and magic. As a very last resort they will engage in hand-to-hand combat, dealing nonlethal damage only.

Temples of Mr. Rogers are usually small and unassuming, and often mistaken for everyday houses. Unlike most gods' temples, which are grand affairs of rich stone and rare woods, these temples are usually quite modestly decorated, though every temple has a small model trolley somewhere within its rooms (the exact purpose of this is known only to the god's most devoted followers). Such places are often filled with music, which is believed by Mr. Rogers' devotees to help relieve stress and calm the mind. No weapons of any kind are allowed into a temple, and it is customary before entering such a building to remove your street shoes and swap them for a pair of softer-soled "sneakers" for the duration of your stay there- if you do not own a pair of your own, each temple usually has some you can use.

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