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The Mortal Draw

Prerequisites: Str: 14 or Dex 14, Character Level 4, No Equipped Shield
You have mastered taking your enemies by surprise when wielding a One-Handed Melee Weapon, when you hold your action to attack until an enemy tries to hit you with a Melee Attack and you have your weapon sheathed with a Bonus or Free action remaining to draw it you act first and make your Action Melee Attacks. When you hit with an attack using this Ability you Auto-Crit, but if you miss with half your attacks during this action then the Target Enemy Auto-Crits when they land a Melee Hit on you if they survive due to you exposing yourself so openly. You can Use this Ability 1 Time per Short Rest for every 4 Character levels you have to a Max of 5 times per Short Rest at level 20.

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