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Mord Sith[edit]

Mord Sith is a roguish subclass. For continuity of the originating material, any Mord Sith should be a female of their race with no (known) living parents or siblings.

Coming of Age[edit]

She had been tortured to death countless times only to be brought back again and again. Once broken, she was forced to watch them do the same to her mother. After they had broken her mother, she watched them kill her slowly for two days. Then they brought her father and for the first time, she intentionally inflicted pain.

She tortured him first because it was commanded, then because he had allowed this to happen to her, then because she took joy in causing him pain. Finally, she killed him because she simply wished him dead after the week or more of torture he had suffered by her own hand.

Both of her parents are dead now, and her compassion with them. Mercy is granted only by the week. The only things that matter are obedience and pain. Mostly just pain.


Beginning when you choose the Mord Sith subclass at 3rd level, you are given the same agiel that was used to torture you, your mother, and finally your father; the weapon of the Mord Sith. A leather baton no larger than a dagger, the weapon looks nearly harmless, but causes severe pain to any who touch it.

A simple, light melee weapon with the finesse property, the agiel deals 1d4 bludgeoning damage. Once per round when you hit with an agiel, you may inflict necrotic damage equal to your proficiency modifier on yourself in order to deal 1d10 bonus necrotic damage. A successful Constitution saving throw vs. the agiel DC reduces this necrotic damage by half.

Your agiel's necrotic damage increases by 1d10 when you reach 5th level (2d10), 11th level (3d10), and 17th level (4d10).

Agiel DC = 8 + Proficiency bonus + Charisma modifier.

If a creature other than you holds your agiel, it must succeed on a Constitution​ saving throw vs. your agiel DC at the beginning of its turn or it spends a hit die, losing hit points equal to the total rolled. If a creature runs out of hit dice this way or has none to spend, they drop the agiel and suffer it's necrotic damage with no save allowed.

You may craft another agiel using blood, fine hardwood, and leather worth a total of 100 gp. You may have no more than two agiels. Making a third will cause the one that is the furthest from you to lose its power.

Visage of Pain

You are the very image of pain.

Beginning at 3rd level, when donning leather or studded leather armor you may choose to add your Proficiency bonus instead of your Dexterity modifier to your AC until you remove your armor. If you do, you may add your Proficiency bonus to the bludgeoning damage dealt by your agiel while you wear the armor.

Torture Tools

By 9th level, you have perfected the art of torture.

When you make a Deception or Intimidation check accompanied by a hit with your Agiel, you may inflict necrotic damage equal to your proficiency modifier on yourself in order to add the weapon damage (bludgeoning damage, not necrotic) to your check. Additionally, any time you attack with a finesse weapon you may choose to deal non-lethal damage, leaving a creature stable but unconscious at 0 Hit Points.

Turn Arcane

Beginning at 13th level, you may stop or even turn magic by sheer force of will. If a creature within 120ft casts a spell which targets you or includes you in it's area of effect, you may use your reaction to make a Constitution saving throw vs the caster's spell save DC. A success counters the spell and causes you damage equal to the level of the spell slot spent to cast it. If you roll a natural 20, you take no damage and may choose a new target or targets for the spell as though you had cast the spell yourself using the spellcasting stats of the original caster.

Breath of Life

Beginning at 17th level, you may use an action to touch a creature that has died within the last 24 hours and breath life into it once again. The creature returns to life with half their maximum Hit Points as long as the creature's body can still sustain life with some minor healing/closing of wounds. The creature need not be willing, but the soul must be able to return.

You may use this ability again after completing a long rest.

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