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Lesser Deity
Symbol: A skull with Demon horns, sometimes accompanied by wings
Home Plane: Zionyn, Layer 663 of the Abyss and Nessus, 9th layer of hell
Alignment: Lawful Evil/Neutral Evil/Chaotic Evil/True Evil
Portfolio: Necromancy, Magic, Demons and Devils, Tactical Evil
Clergy Alignments: LN, N, CN, LE, NE, CE
Domains: Death, Demonic, Entropy, Evil, Magic
Favored Weapon: Spiked Whip, Great Club


Mivana was originally a Drow Dread Necromancer from the Underdark. Mivana ascended to godhood when she overthrew several demon princes and devil lords in a successful attempt to take over both Hell and the Abyss. She successfully killed Obox-Ob and took his portfolio with the new title of Demon Prince of Entropy. After a transformation into a demon to ascend to her throne of authority, she quickly took the blood war into her own hands; allying with Grazzt, Orcus, Demogorgon, Baphomet, Dagon, Fraz-Urb'Luu, Juiblex, Kostchtchie, Malcanthet, Yeenoghu, and Zuggtmoy. After getting them under one roof and convincing them to put their differences aside, she assaulted Hell. During her assault, Mivana came across a pool of Pure Chaos, which she used to corrupt 2000 solars, now known as The Fallen Solars (NE), whom answer solely to her. She also found a special ally in Tiamat, as the Devil's could not afford to pay Tiamat for the services of her servants. She successfully took over hell and the abyss, getting the attention of many other gods. She currently is the owner of the Ruby Rod of Asmodeus. She has multiple alignments based on her rank and title across the planes.


Cleric Training: Mivana believes danger is everywhere, and only the lucky or strong survive long enough to be of use. Those who wish to become a cleric of Mivana undergo a trial chosen by a balor for their personal gain. If the trial is successful, they then must make a Demonic Pact with Mivana herself, promising her their soul should they ever fail. Once the pact is made, the cleric is inducted. Clerics of Mivana revere each other as these trials are not for the faint of heart. Failure results in being raised as a mindless undead for eternity, and their soul being destroyed.

Quests: Those who worship Mivana are often sent to spread fear and dread in her name. They spread her name across the planes, raising undead servants as they go and using magic for the betterment of themselves and their goddess.

Prayer: Prayers to Mivana are always made in a manner that always credits her for anything they gain or wish to gain. They also refer to her as Queen of the Abyss and calling her the one and only. “Mivana grant me the ability to do this in your name, the one and only Queen of the abyss.”

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Temples: Temples to Mivana are often around graveyards and appear to be a crypt entrance built into the ground. There are always 663 steps leading down into the earth, with the Temple door bearing a skull with demon horns. All temples have a succubus that guards the door, asking what the person’s deepest desire is. Those who worship Mivana are aware of this and simply answer, “To bow before the Queen.”

Rites: As Mivana is a newer deity, rites are performed in her name yet they are many different ways in which she accepts her followers’ worship.


Heralds and Allies: Heralds of Mivana are usually one of her 2000 faithful guards of Fallen Solars. Allies are all of the Demon Princes, Devil lords, all demons, most devils, and most intelligent undead. She is also allied with Tiamat. No known Enemies except St. Cuthbert.The Pun Is To Believe That all Demon Lords Behind Her....And many tannari and bateezu alike placate the idea only to allow her to wreck hell upon the prime material plan and locate powerful magic and Artifacts Only to see which side may descreetly retrieve said item.And Also for her to weaken the sides of Law so both sides may via for control of the plains she has dissimated and it's resources.But as A symbol in the eyes of both tannari and bateezu alike she is more of a super star than a god...And discreetly only a mere avatar of Asmodeus was killed...he lingers on and the nine as well...and She has not been to every true layer of the hell's as well as all layers of the abyss to really now true fear, but 2000 corrupted solars at your side earns you respect and bragging rights among baatezu and tannari alike.Keep in mind the loss of 2000 solars has attracted great attention amongst The Upper Realms Good Deities not to mention true solars(see true solars)beings with the power of stars and you have an idea what trouble she brings with her. She Is a cosmic threat level and irony if it. Both has staked bets on how long the roost will last and the upper planes come calling for here for good....

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