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—A random villager

There is a race of people out there like no others. They can break trees with their bare fists, form tools out of thin air, and build bridges on top of nothingness. They slay giant spiders with their bare hands, carry around thousands of tons worth of gold in their pockets, and even enter hell and the void with no fear in their hearts. They can even withstand death. Almost all of them are gone now, but there are a few stragglers who remain on the Material Plane. These people are called the Minecraftians.

Physical Description[edit]

The Minecraftians have a variety of appearances. The standard male typically wear a ripped blue tee shirt, purple pants, and gray shoes. The stereotypical Minecraftian female has red hair that drapes down their back and a green shirt. However, most do not appear this way. Some where white cloaks, other appear to be made of darkness. A few are lime green and have their face on their chest, while others look like normal humans with dark glasses and monotone skin. Some appear to have dragon's scales for skin, while others blend in perfectly with the forest. The only thing every Minecraftian has in common is their body shape. Their hands, their eyes, their body, and even their heads are all composed of rectangles and cubes.

The Lost Race[edit]

Minecraftians used to be spread across the globe. They had advanced societies with technology to travel ot the other planes of existence. They were the masters of the material plane. They settled the jungles, the forests, the plains,and even the desert. They built massive monuments, temples filled with valuable goods to their gods, giant strongholds, and even portals to the nine layers of Hell. However, you will never see these structures inhabited anymore. There are a few theories about what happened, but nobody knows for sure why the Minecraftians disappeared. The most popular theory is that a wave of tragedies struck them, causing them to flee to another dimension. This theory says that a surge of natural disasters- massive flooding, a zombie virus- struck them all at once. The final straw was when they summoned a god using the power of souls trapped in Hell, which then ravaged their cities. They fled through portals in their stronghold to another demiplane. However, this demiplane was ruled by a creature lke no other. A black dragon with purple eyes ruled this land, and theyw ere evil beyond all means. They could not fight the dragon, so the dragon enslaved them. Over time, they were changed by the magic of the demiplane. Their diet of strange fruit gave them the ability to teleport, and they became taller, dark-skinned, and purple-eyed. They are an entirely new race now, separated from the Minecraftians they once were by centuries of adaptation. There are still a few Minecraftians roaming the world, but their numbers have diminished significantly. The Minecraftians are almost extinct now, but the few that are still around are thriving.

Law and Chaos[edit]

When people see a Minecraftian- which very few ever do, considering how rare they are- they don't know what to expect. Some Minecraftians are nice people, trading with the villagers to support their econmy. Some are awful people, tearing down villages and killing its inhabitants to get a few resources. Some wander the world, looking for new places to explore. Others just want to construct buildings, testing their construction skills for the fun of it. Whatever the case is, no two Minecraftians are the same.

Minecraftian Names[edit]

There are two names that are very popular for Minecraftians to have. Men are often named Steve, and women go by Alex. These are the only two names that are common, hwoever- every single other Minecraftian has a unique name. Some of them have simple names, like Dream, Tommy, or Wilbur. Others have much more complex names, such as MomSlayerz420, AnArsonDragon, and JeffytheGreat999.

Minecraftian Traits[edit]

Just a Minecraft player's abilities.
Ability Score Increase. Strength score increases by 2, and your Intelligence score increases by 1.
Age. Minecraftians never die of natural causes, so nobody knows how long a Minecraftian can live. They are born mature, and most die due to unfortunate circumstances by the time they are 30.
Alignment. Minecraftians vary in alignment significantly. Most are neutral, but a lot of them are good or evil as well.
Size. Minecraftians always stand at exactly 6 feet tall
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet, and you have a swimming speed equal to your walking speed.
Master Craftsman. You gain proficiency with smithing tools and another type of artisan's tools of your choice.
Tree-Puncher. Your hands are hardened from years of punching trees with your bare hands. Your unarmed strikes deal 1d4 + your Strength modifier bludgeoning damage.
Block-Breaker. You are a master at breaking cubes. You can choose to excavate a 5-foot cube of material from the ground. This takes 1 minute if the cube is dirt, 5 minutes if it is wood, or 15 minutes if it is stone. Excavating the material takes time and concentration, so you must not take any actions, bonus actions, or move on any of your turns. If your concentration is interruped, as with a concentration spell, you must restart the process of excavating the material. When you finish excavating the materials, you gain all basic resources from the area you excavated, such as wood, iron, coal, gold, and the like.
Sprinter. You may take the Dash action as a bonus action.
Weapon Master. You have proficiency with shortswords, longswords, handaxes, and battleaxes.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common and one other language of your choice.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

5′ 6'' +2d6 140 lb. × (1d6) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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