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Metamorph (Shifter Archetype)[edit]

What Shifters should have been from the beginning: Wild Shape, The Class. Combining the Claws of the Shifter with the Druid's much more versatile version of Wild Shape makes the Metamorph the ultimate shapeshifter.

Signature Form: At 1st level, a Metamorph chooses one form she could take with Wild Shape at level 4. This becomes her Signature Form. She may use Wild Shape as though she were level 4 to take her Signature Form. At 3rd level and every 2 levels after, she chooses an additional Signature Form that she could take at her Metamorph Level +1, and she may use Wild Shape as though she were 1 level higher than she is to take a Signature Form (including the extra hour of Wild Shape available at that level, and any extra abilities provided for that form). If she could take a Signature Form without this bonus, she may take it as a Move Action rather than a Standard Action, and every two hours in it only costs one hour of Wild Shape. At 4th level, she may take her Natural Form as a Move Action. With Quick Wild Shape, she may take a Signature Form from three or more levels lower as a Swift Action, or from five or more levels lower or her Natural Form as a Free Action. This replaces Shifter Aspect and all its improvements.

Wild Shape: At 4th level, a Metamorph gains Wild Shape as a Druid of her Metamorph level, with the addition that she may take Small and Medium Magical Beast shapes at 8th level and Tiny and Large Magical Beast shapes at 10th level as beast shape III and IV, and Medium Dragon shapes at 16th level and Large Dragon shapes at 18th level and Huge Dragon shapes at 20th level as form of the dragon I, II, and III. Dragon shapes cost double hours of Wild Shape. Her Wild Shape forms' natural attacks are affected by Shifter Claws like a Shifter's Major Aspect. Her uses of Wild Shape are measured in hours per day like a Shifter. She counts as having a caster level equal to her Metamorph level for qualifying for feats related to Wild Shape. This replaces Wild Shape, Chimeric Aspect, and Greater Chimeric Aspect.

A Thousand Faces: A Metamorph gains A Thousand Faces at level 14. This alters A Thousand Faces.

Final Form: At 20th level, a Metamorph may use Wild Shape at will, and gains the ability to combine two forms with Wild Shape. Both forms must be the same size and type (animal, magical beast, or plant; elemental and dragon forms cannot be combined), and she gains all benefits from each form. If they give the same benefit (such as the same type of movement speed or natural attack) they do not stack; instead she chooses which to take when she takes the form. Combined forms do not benefit from Signature Form and appear as obvious magical hybrids of the combined creatures. This replaces Final Aspect.

Table: Metamorph

Level Class Feature
1st Shifter Claws, Wild Empathy, Signature Form
2nd Track, Defensive Instinct
3rd Woodland Stride, Shifter Claws Increase, Signature Form 2
4th Defensive Instinct (+1), Wild Shape
5th Trackless Step, Signature Form 3
6th Shifter's Fury, Wild Shape (Beast II, Elemental I)
7th Shifter Claws Increase, Signature Form 4
8th Defensive Instinct (+2), Wild Shape (Beast III, Elemental II, Plant I)
9th Signature Form 5
10th Wild Shape (Beast IV, Elemental III, Plant II)
11th Shifter Claws Increase, Signature Form 6
12th Defensive Instinct (+3), Wild Shape (Elemental IV, Plant III)
13th Shifter Claws Increase, Signature Form 7
14th A Thousand Faces
15th Signature Form 8
16th Defensive Instinct (+4), Wild Shape (Dragon I)
17th Shifter Claws Increase, Signature Form 9
18th Timeless Body, Wild Shape (Dragon II)
19th Shifter Claws Increase, Signature Form 10
20th Defensive Instinct (+5), Wild Shape (Dragon III), Final Form

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