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"Metalborn" is a nickname for this race, who are actually named Vintaer'V'Koln (Vintaern if shortened). However, the name "Metalborn" is the only one anyone who isn't Vintaer'V'Koln would recognize, due to the reality of being completely unheard of by most races. That's what comes of living on and in the highest mountaintops, unfortunately.

Physical Description[edit]

Vintaern are completely formed of metal and consist of a variety of metals inside. Their skin, however, is made completely of a singular solid type of metal or metallic alloy. It is about the same thickness as normal human skin and is made of many small, intricate interlocking plates, and between these plates are plates smaller still, interlocking and creating a beautiful flexible structure that is very smooth to the touch. These plates are so perfectly intricate that no liquid of any kind can leak in or out unless one's skin seriously marred.

Many Vintaern have skin formed of metal which will oxidate and corrode over a period of time dependent on the metal (like copper and iron) and so spend at least a day out of every month polishing their skin to an eye-dazzling sheen. Many Vintaern couples will polish each other as well. A better polish recipe for certain metals is shared with other Vintaern as soon as it is learned. Even those who will never oxidate polish themselves regularly, for they love to be considered a beautiful and elegant race. Those who have met one readily admit that their elegance surpasses the elves and even the nymphs by far. However beautiful, they are not a soft race. The men are strong and quick and women are less strong (not by much though) and even more quick. They are as beautiful in battle as in dancing at an empress's cavortation, if not more so. If asked, they will tell that there is no difference between battle and dance.

Their children, after a few years, begin to grow a large protrusion on their back between their shoulder blades. As they mature, it grows into a flattened, intricately plated length not unlike a second spine. Vintaern call this an Asyandan. On women it is narrow, smooth, and grows even to halfway down the calf. On men, it is wide and grows past half down the thigh but not past the knee and is plated with scales ridged and spiked down the length intricately. Sometimes the spikes can be even two inches in length. For both it narrows gently to a dangerously sharp point. Though most who meet a Vintaern will assume it is some kind of odd, thick metal cape, it is actually quite a nimble prehensile limb, capable of holding and using many things as well as holding up the Vintaern's full weight if hanging, though most keep it empty and swinging elegantly, supposedly lifeless, until a moment of surprise, in which the pointed end can be used to fatal effect.

A Vintaern, being composed of metal, has no hair. Both men and women (the men are never bald) have in its place a multitude of thin, flat, narrow, and scale-like spikes almost always flowing and curving back and down to just past the shoulders and curving to lay in front or behind them, holding well to the head, though occasionally one's spikes will have an interweaving effect. To create this effect artificially one must use strong pliers, however most believe that this process damages the spikes and leaves unsightly kinks if one ever wanted to bend them back to their original shape. They do wear clothes and even armor, to protect the perfect gleam, though if the armor fails to protect, their skin is a small added protection. The Vintaern have studied their own inside anatomy very well. They have no qualms against cracking someone open after they die to see how they worked. They have blood, however, it is a mix of two liquid metals (gallium and quicksilver) as well as several dissolved solid ones. Vintaern run little warm in temperature (about 136-137 Fahr. or 57-58 Cel. on average if you ever actually need it) and feel very warm to the touch to a human (97-98 Fahr. or 36-37 Cel. on average). Despite their conductive nature, they can withstand reasonable range of temperatures comparable to a human. They have also been known to passively attract lightning during storms. A great many Vintaern have been struck by lightning and received only minor injuries. It is actually quite a common occurrence for lightning to strike in the same village multiple times during a storm. In fact, it is considered extremely good luck for a woman to be struck while she is pregnant despite the minor injuries. The child is expected to grow up to be a great leader.


The Vintaer'V'Koln have a long history well recorded in their capital within the top of the largest mountain. This great city within the top of the mountain, called Iltivaeren, allows entrance to none but Vintaern and, under extreme conditions, their companions, though most do not travel with other races. The records are held in three libraries and though the history recorded focuses almost exclusively on the Vintaern, it is the most complete history of the great happenings in the world, even passing close to the birth of the gods, though most are passed over with little history recorded with the exclusion of their own god, Vaer.

They are not constructs nor magical in nature, though many who chance to meet them think them so, at least at first. Any one of them would be heavily affronted if someone so much as implied them so in their presence. They were no creation of any mere mortal or even a mere immortal. They have been dwelling inside and on the tops of the highest mountains through many worldly cataclysmic events. If their mountains were laid flat and destroyed, other ones were found promptly thereafter. As said by a well known, dead Vintaern who lived through a Great Leveling, "While mountains fall here, new ones are raising somewhere else. There are always mountains. We will find the highest and climb it and name it our new home." - Alkain Damond, Ancient Historian and Warrior of the Second Library.


The Vintaern are not secretive to other races, excepting the dis-allowance of any outsiders entering their capital. Though nearly no one has heard of them, if one chances to meet a Vintaern, one will find a strong personality no matter if they are extroverted and as loud as can be, cunning and quiet, or shy as a deer (unlikely), though the shy ones will most likely not be found adventuring. The Vintaern are highly patriotic and supportive of their race and have had no wars among themselves in history. All the stresses of the day are worried out in daily sparring or in the regular polish. With each, other they work out differences logically and reasonably, fighting is for sport, adventuring, and stress release, while arguing is for small children without the capacity to discuss a problem. Unfortunately a habit has risen in the past among their communities of picking apart the opinions of others instead of considering them as at least possible solutions or answers, though this has been thoroughly cracked down on leaders in society as well as parents, to some considerable success.

The Vintaern mountain societies are ruled in an odd way; some may not consider it a rule. They have no king but instead are mostly ungoverned. They have a large circle of Vintaern leaders of varied skills and occupations that are elected by the populace around them for being very reasonable and logical who determine some general rules to follow called the Edicts. They are rules accompanied by punishments, an example being "Do Not Strike a Sibling Whilst in Anger," ("sibling" meaning any other Vintaern), "Any Violators Will Be Exiled From All Vintaern Communities For a Range of 3 To 8 Years Dependent on the Gravity of the Offense." Any other rules are determined by mothers and fathers on "children" until the "children" have their own children. Great respect is given to grand and great-grandparents dependent on how many generations they have under them and though they cannot make rules for their own "children" or lower generations, their advice is held in high esteem. (Note: When the word "children" is put into quotes it is implied that the persons indicated may not actually be children but fully mature adults.)

Sparring is a part of everyday life for a Vintaern Community. It is a sport with no rules beyond what weapon(s) (all of which are blunted,padded, or made of thin bundled spars of wood or metal designed to make loud clacks) someone is supposed to use, and even that one is done away with often (resourcefulness is a highly valued trait). Any number of opponents may participate and a large walled, open space (often not flat) near the center of each city (communities are never below the population of a good sized city on (or in) a mountaintop) for the sole purpose of sparring, called the Rynseum. Every year, 7 times, 2-4 teams (3 accounts for the most interesting sparrings), 25-100 players each, filled with the best in the city gather in the Rynseum for a large scale sparring called a Greatspar. These Greatspars are never gender specific, the women are usually quicker than the men while the men are usually stronger than the women, however, there are many outliers for each. The record for the strongest overall fighter is held 26 years by a male silver Vintaern called Evnik Taen and the record for the fastest overall fighter is held 15 years as well by a male Vintaern with aluminum skin named Cahvnik Soelna. Women Vintaern are determined not to allow such a ridiculous imbalance in the records and are trying ever harder to break both of them. These battles are often highly strategic in nature and each has different rules for the elimination of players, though 2 have no eliminations whatsoever and instead have short and temporary removals (these 2 Greatspars often last for a week or more). In a Greatspar there are no substitutes, no rests, and no second chances. Though they can be extremely tense and stressful for obvious reasons, not a single Vintaern has allowed themselves to become angry in a Greatspar (most consider it the greatest fun to be had), except for a bronze Vintaern named Akaln Tabden, who was exiled for eternity from all Vintaern cities shortly afterwards. Many Vintaern agree that staying calm is the hardest part of the sparrings, its a great exercise in self control they say. Akaln is still alive to this day and has learned his lesson well. Some Vintaern scholars have speculated on the possibility of his being affected somehow by some kind of mystical being like a multi-planar spirit or a demon of some kind as he was also a mage of some repute. Akaln refuses to speak on the subject himself.

Duels happen regularly and are often organized into small or large tournaments. Nearly all wealthy Vintaern have personal duel rings of various sizes and shapes called Rynzins and are often specialized to certain types of fighting (even barfighting! complete with flimsy chairs and tables). Sometimes opponents will pad their Asyandan with inked cloth (for marking hits, many lightning strikes are hard to see in the thick of a duel) and fight using only this, hands, and feet. Sparrings in these Rynzins replace parties and balls in the communities of other races. Vintaern Men and women who are single and looking for a spouse will strip to the waist in these sparrings (with the women retaining their bras for support of course). And then they truly dance with their blades. Vintaern judge the attractiveness of each other with these sparrings as simply going by looks makes it difficult to choose. "Ugly? Vintaern?!" exclaims Falban Marrowrite, "Not in all my studies have I seen a single Vintaern who wasn't exquisite!" Falban was and is the only scholar who has been to all Vintaern cities (of which there are 7, not including the capital) and the only outsider who has been allowed into the capital, Iltivaeren, without a Vintaern companion. Half-Vintaern do not occur with any other race. Both men and women's ... liquids are toxic to any flesh. This coupled with the fact that they aren't attracted to squishy people (they're too squishy, see?), and even ones in ornate suits of armor are rather disappointing, makes for a certain incompatibility.

Vintaern do not like dragons of any kind, malevolent or benign. Even the good metallic dragons stare at them with envy, thinking, "what a beautifully alluring chunk of metal to add to my collection." Some less intelligent dragons may even attempt to eat a Vintaern to use the metal to strengthen its scales, Vintaern who, by nature, contain many toxic elements including a large amount of quicksilver, a caustic fluid and a powerful neurotoxin for fleshy creatures. Needless to say, those dragons only make that mistake once, however, this all implies that the dragon was able to get the Vintaern into its mouth. All Vintaern will try very hard not to allow such an event. Dragons avoid the Vintaern cities despite the instinctual draw towards the magnificent metallics. They are not welcome and are quickly killed or driven away (depending on the alignment of the beast) from the cities by a few hundred elite sparring Vintaern with weapons a little less padded and blunted. However, if a Vintaern is out adventuring, he (or she) will do nearly anything to avoid entering the territory of any dragon. The good metallic dragons will inevitably try hard to convince him to stay through many methods, including even bribery and manipulation, while the chromatic ones may well try to force him to. You see now, Vintaern do not like dragons. No, not one bit.

They also are very uncomfortable around any body of water deeper than they are tall. They sink quite fast, you see.

Vintaer'V'Koln Names[edit]

Vintaern often use both first and last name together even when addressing friends and family. It is not a part of formality, it is simply what they do. Vintaern have first names somewhat short and sharp in nature and must be spoken well pronounced and have a somewhat strong feel. The name "Akaln" was not discarded from use after Akaln Tabden had it in an effort to give the name a better history. Last names are sir-names that indicate family and have no bearing given from skin, however families often have very similar metals or metallic alloys for skin. The women instead of taking their husband's sir-name keep their own while their children receive a fusion of the two, fused in a way that both parents agree on. It is not uncommon for spouses to have the same sir-name however. This is because family trees are very large and marraige is acceptable if one marries no one closer than a second cousin.

Male: Akaln, Cahvnik, Dokahln, Evnik, Ghakril, Haenkret, Nahlken, Oacvis, Saekish, Taemon, Ungylt

Female: Avaka, Baerl, Corin, Daeka, Ilav, Kyrdra, Lefka, Qiinla, Rolma, Wydenva, Ytdra

Last: Cahveton, Faenvik, Havynka, Jeklaen, Kalanvik, Qintalen, Revakon, Seolna, Tabden, Taen, Vahnkelat

That'd be 242 example first-last name combinations for the sake of trivia.

Vintaer'V'Koln Traits[edit]

An exceedingly elegant humanoid race made completely of magnificient living metal.
Ability Score Increase. All vintaern get +1 to Charisma and +1 to either Strength or Dexterity.
Age. A vintaern matures at little more than half the rate of humans. Life span depends quite a bit on the skin material's oxidation rate and how well one takes care of one's skin. One can live any where from 50 decades to eternity theoretically. Most stop polishing after many millennia and allow themselves to die through slow oxidation taking from 50 years to just one more millennia. They typically write their life's main events and adventures during this time to be sent to Iltivaeren for a record of their doings. These records typically are written completely honest with no bias towards the writer.
Alignment. Vintaern tend to be Good. All vintaern have a strong moral sense of right and wrong.
Size. Vintaern are relatively tall, women ranging from 5'6" to 6'4" and men ranging from 5'8" to 6'6". Their size is medium.
Speed. Vintaern walk at a base walking speed of 30 feet.
Metallic Nature. Due to the materials vintaern consist of, all are immune to the affects of non-magical diseases, and have advantage in checks against being petrified.
Heavy Natural Dagger. A vintaern's Asyandan can be used as a weapon itself against any engaged enemy within sword reach, dealing 1d6 piercing damage on a successful hit. Though not adapted to climbing, the limb can easily hold up the weight of a Vintearn's body if required. An asyandan may hold a small object as a hand could but cannot manipulate any held weapon effectively.
Conductive. A vintaern will store lightning damage that hits them without taking damage until grounded (barefoot on the ground or touching a wall). If they are grounded afterwards they take up to 1d6 lightning damage (dependent on the spell), this damage does not stack. The stored damage dissapates in one hour with no effect.
Sinks Like a Stone. No vintaern can swim without a large flotation device of some kind (a piece of a ship maybe?). They sink at a rate of about 20 feet. They can stand and walk comfortably on the bottom at half their walking speed, however they will suffocate eventually. They need at least two medium creatures who can swim helping to be held at the surface or to pull them off the bottom. Water pressure does not affect them and they have advantage on checks to stay upright in rapids and high winds.
Polished Health. Every Vintaern must spend at least one long rest polishing themselves each 50 day period or begin to tarnish. They do not receive the benefits of a normal long rest during this. Walking speed is decreased by 5 for every month missed. A lost 5 may be regained each polishing long rest.The time used to polish may be split to be used on separate days. If two or more people choose to help the Vintearn polish, then the time needed decreases to a short rest. Neither the Vintaern nor the helpers gain normal benefits from the rest.
Lawful Knowledge. Vintaern make sure to learn the laws of a land before they enter and so are considered doubly proficient when making checks (history) related to the laws of the land.
Spar Master. Vintaern are accustomed regular sparring requiring resourcefulness and so are considered proficient with improvised weapons. An unarmed hit deals 1d4 damage.
Draconic Favored Enemy. Vintaern have significant training in tracking, hunting, and speaking to dragons. They all have advantage Wisdom (suvival, insight, perception) checks involving dragons as well as Intelligence checks to recall information about one. They also gain +2 damage on any attacks targeting a dragon.
Languages. Vintaern speak, read, and write Vintaeren, Common, Draconic, and may learn one other language.
Subrace. Precious; Silver; Aluminum; Steel; Default (other)

Vintaern'V'Koln Sub-races[edit]

Subraces are not optional. You must choose one.

Default Metal Skin[edit]

These vintaern can have any metal or metallic alloy not mentioned in the other sub-races.

Ability Score Increase. A default skinned vintaern gets +1 to Constitution.

Steel Alloy Skin[edit]

These vintaern have an added protection against attacks.

Natural Armor:. Due to their hard skin, they gain permanent +1 to AC.

Aluminum Skin[edit]

These vintaern are light and quick on their feet.

Speed: Aluminum vintaern have an alternate speed of 35 feet.

Agile:. These vintaern may use 3 dashes as 1 bonus action each. They may only use one Dash bonus action per turn. It may be used consecutively with the normal Dash action. The 3 dashes are replenished after a long rest.

Silver Skin[edit]

These vintaern have an especially unique skin that grants certain unique benefits.

Silver Nature:. These vintaern are completely immune to non-magical poison and other similar effects (at the DM's discretion).
Greater Conductive. These vintaern may also ground themselves by making physical contact with any other targeted creature (with a metal weapon or unarmed). Up to 1d6 lightning damage is applied to both the target and the vintaern. The lighting damage (on the target only) stacks up to 10 times (10d6 lightning dmg) with each lightning attack on the vintaern. All damage from weapons on the target still applies. The damage dissapates after one hour. All lightning damage taken from this feature ignores resistance.
Sparring Silver:. Silver vintaern unarmed attacks are considered silvered weapons when used against werewolves and similar creatures.

Precious Skin[edit]

These vintaern have eye dazzling skin of Gold, Platinum, Iridium, or another precious metal.

Elegance:. These vintaern are especially beautiful and so can more easily persuade other races. They are considered doubly proficient in Persuasion checks against non-vintaern races.
Conductive (Rank 2):. This trait is an addition to Conductive (Rank 1). These vintaern may also ground themselves by making physical contact with any other targeted creature (with a metal weapon or unarmed). Up to 1d6 lightning damage is applied to both the target and the vintaern. The lighting damage (on the target only) stacks up to 10 times (10d6 lightning dmg) with each lightning attack on the vintaern. All damage from weapons on the target still applies. The damage dissapates after one hour. All lightning damage taken from this feature ignores resistance.

Random Height and Weight[edit]


5′ 6″ +2d6 290 lb. × (1d4 / 2) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)


5′ 4″ +2d6 270 lb. × (1d4 / 2) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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