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Meta Karmic Punishment[edit]

"Rocks fall, everyone dies." It's a common-enough phrase, and many DMs have it or an equivalent at the ready if everything goes bad (a plot line irreparably destroyed, excessive metagaming, etc.) But what if the source of the problem is only one person in your group? You shouldn't punish everyone at the table for one person's transgressions. That's where this variant rule comes in. WARNING: Use sparingly.

The Table[edit]

Have the offending player roll 2d12. The effects happen instantaneously, cannot be countered, and have no saves.

Roll 2d12 Result
2 Character becomes deaf, blind and dumb.
3-4 Character turns into a kitten for 4d6 hours.
5-6 Character bursts into flames.
7-8 Character bursts into magic, waterproof flames.
9-10 Character changes to opposite gender. If genderless, reroll dice.
11-12 Orcus is summoned within 10 feet of character, and immediately attacks character.

Orcus is unfriendly (see Diplomacy) to other PCs in the area unless they attack.

13-14 Reroll twice.

Take both results.

15-16 Character develops a disease of DM's choice.
17-18 Character is sent to the Abyss.
19-20 Character loses all items (including money and items not on-person) except basic clothes.
21-22 Character loses limb of player's choosing. It can never be regained, even if it normally could regenerate.
23-24 Character drops to level 1. See Negative_levels#Level_Loss. If the character gains a level, they must allocate their skills, abilities, etc. as they were before.

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