Meritorious' Mind Wipe (5e Spell)

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Meritorious' Mind Wipe
3rd-level Enchantment (ritual)
Casting time: 8 hours
Range: Touch
Components: 1 drop of blood from the creature you wish to affect
Duration: Until dispelled

You spend 8 hours magically fixated on a creature that is unconscious and set about removing parts of its memory. The details and depth of the removal need to be specified with the DM as more difficult memories may present more issues and possible damage to the target. Upon taking damage the targeted creature immediately wakes up.

This spell is used for deep cleansing of someone's inner most memories. Casting this spell without the material components results in the target making an Intelligence saving throw against your spell save DC. You are able to cleanse memories only, not implicate more or change any. This spell is to be used in moderation, as constant use of this spell can deteriorate some cognitive aspects.

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