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Getting started[edit]

Congratulations! Vault Tech welcomes you to join us in our new Endeavor. The "Vault Tech 5e Supplement" will guide you through simulating various possibilities of the world outside your patented Vault-Tech Vault! There are a handful of additional rules one must keep in mind:

  • Radiation
  • Bleeding (activates on all damage types except energy).
  • Infection.
  • Critical Hit Table.
  • Stacking Advantage.
  • As magic generally does not exist in this setting, Arcana is used to determine one’s ability to maintain, repair, and mechanically control weapons and other machinery, such as terminals or robots.
  • You regain 1/4 of your hit die maximum at the end of a long rest.
  • Being prone only grants disadvantage on attack rolls that are made against creatures within 10 feet.

Critical Hit Table[edit]

When you score a critical hit on an attack roll, you must roll 1d10, taking the respective result. Mechanics that have (+/-X) means that you can make a DC 15 Medicine check once per hour. On a success, the DC and effect decreases by 1. Once this has happened X amount of times, you no longer suffer from the effect. Certain effects have unique results if they happen more than once. If a result has a slash, flip a coin and call the result while it’s in the air. On a successful call, the effect is cured with one use of a doctor’s bag or 5 successful DC 15 Medicine checks that can be made once per hour. On a failed call, the effect becomes permanent.

Number Effect Mechanics Repeat Effect
1 Lose 1 Eye (-5) to Perception checks, Passive Perception, and attack rolls. On two occurrences, Blind.
2 Lose/Break 1 Arm Can not use two-handed weapons. On two occurrences, can not use weapons.
3 Lose/Break 1 Leg Movement speed is halved. Movement speed is reduced to 5 feet.
4 Shock stunned until beginning of next turn.
5 Lucky Hit Damage is doubled.
6 Lose/Break 1 Finger (-1) to attack rolls and Arcana checks. On 5 occurrences, can not use two-handed weapons. On 10 occurrences, can not use weapons.
7 Concussion unconcious for 1 minute. May repeat saving throw at the end of each turn.
8 Break Ribs/Pierce Organ Disadvantage on Constitution saving throws.
9 Adrenaline Your Movement speed is doubled and you have advantage on attack rolls until the beginning of your next turn.
10 Reroll
10 on reroll Massive Damage/Instant Death You are reduced to 0 hit points or killed instantly.

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