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The Meaning of Life[edit]

Useful when explaining the order of the cosmos to some players.

The Meaning[edit]

The purpose of your characters existence on the material plane is to grow to receive an even higher state of existence under the gradual guidance of deity.

The First Order of Intelligences[edit]

The first known Orders of the Intelligences in the cosmos.

  • Order of Spirits:
Intelligences with Spiritual Forms. Having gained mastery over all non-Intelligent Beings.
  • Order of Mortals:
Intelligences with Physical Forms. Having gained mastery over the Spiritual state of being.
  • Order of Immortals:
Intelligences with Celestial Forms. Having gained mastery over the Physical and Spiritual state of being.
  • Order of Perfection:
Intelligences with Perfect Forms. Having gained mastery over Celestial, Physical, and Spiritual state of being.

Why We're Here[edit]

Intelligences create, organize, learn, and progress according to Law. Higher Intelligences create, organize, and guide Lower Intelligences, allowing them to learn and progress through the use of Agency or choice. When an Intelligence reaches a certain understanding they progress into a higher state of being and receive a new body and state of existence.

The meaning for your character? Somebody made them. In this case, it was a Deity. A Intelligence with a Perfect Form and a complete understanding of Law. This Deity's purpose is to guide Intelligences of Lower Orders to becoming a Deity just like them.

Agency (Choice)[edit]

The gift of choice. An Intelligence can determine its own fate by making choices. Your choices determine your destiny. Higher Intelligences can guide Lower Intelligences to make choices which are in harmony with Law but cannot choose or use Agency for them. Making correct choices can lead to an Intelligence gaining wisdom, power, and ascending to a higher state of being. Making incorrect choices leads to ignorance, powerlessness, and damnation. You just stay where you are.

The Spiritual Order of Existence[edit]

Where your character came from. You held a Spiritual Form in the likeness of your Physical Body and used Agency to choose. You learned and progressed until receiving a physical body under the guidance of the Higher Intelligences. The choices you made here in the Spiritual Order affected your state and circumstances in the Material Existence.

The Material Plane of Existence[edit]

Where your character is are right now. You now possess a Physical Body in the likeness of your Spirit. Here you can use your Agency while being subjected to all forms of duality and opposition. Light and Dark, Right and Wrong, Law and Chaos, Fire and Ice, etc. Its the perfect opportunity for you to learn and progress.

The Higher Orders of Existence[edit]

Where your character is going. Your Spirit returns to the Spiritual Orders after death. The choices you make in the Material Existence will determine your placement into the Higher Orders of Existence. Here you again receive a immortal form in the likeness of your Spirit. Here you learn and progress until you qualify to receive a Perfect Form from the Higher Intelligences.


  • Intelligences always maintain Agency no matter their form. However, they can willingly surrender their Agency.
  • Creation, Organization, Learning, and Progression are eternal principles in harmony with Law.
  • Progression is only possible through correct choices in harmony with Law. Regression is always through incorrect choices made in opposition to Law.
  • Higher body forms grant knowledge and power over lower body forms. Example: A physical body is scientifically more powerful than any spiritual form.
  • Your choices made in the previous existence affect your conditions of your current life. The choices made in the current state of existence affect your conditions in your next life.
  • All body forms are immortal and indestructible except the physical form. Example: Spirits cannot be completed erased, destroyed or eradicated from physical space and time.


Their is no real beginning, middle, or end to time. The cosmos is circular and eternal. But is does come in segments or chapters. Example: Day, Month, Year, Decade, Millennium, etc. It never repeats itself but there are patterns in all things.


Law exists. To move in harmony with Law is progression, light, and power. To move in opposition to Law is regression, stagnation, and darkness. Science when correct, can help give mortals understanding of Law. Example: Gravity is a portion of known law which is created by the pull of a planet rotating on its axis.

Deity exists in harmony with Law and moves with it. Perfect Deities manifest and become Law. They accually become Law themselves and possess all knowledge, all power, all light, and all understanding.


Progression to Higher Orders and power can only be accessed by making choices which are in harmony with Law. However, the gathering of greater knowledge and power leads to a greater temptation to use that power for darkness and disharmony. Using Agency to create destruction, disorganization, and disharmony to Law is called Perversion. The use of Perversions always leads to damnation and regression. Users of Perversion stop progressing as they attempt to change the rules and Law for themselves. Being in disharmony with universal Law this always fails.

Therefore once your choices become perfectly evil you cannot gain any more knowledge or power through the natural means of universal Law. You have surrender your ability to grow. This is why Intelligences who make correct choices can always become more powerful than their misguided associates. The may continue to grow, learn, and progress according to Law. In this way Intelligences damn themselves by their own wicked choices.

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