Maxwell's Silver Hammer (3.5e Epic Power)

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Maxwell's Silver Hammer
Metacreativity [Creation]
Psicraft DC: 720765
Range: personal
Target: you
Duration: 8 hours (D)
Saving Throw: None and Fortitude half (see text)
To Develop: 6,486,885,000 gp; 129,738 days; 259,475,400 XP. Seeds: Conjure (DC 21), Destroy (DC 29), and Fortify (DC 27). Factors: create alchemical silver warhammer with hardness 9001 and 18002 hit points (ad hoc +18002 DC), warhammer has power resistance of 9001 (+36004 DC), quickened power (+28 DC), hide display (+4 DC), permanent duration for destroy effect (ad hoc x5), object is dismissible (ad hoc +2 DC), change target of destroy effect to touch (+4 DC), increase saving throw DC by 9001 (+18002), +9001 bonus on manifester level checks to overcome power resistance (+18002), +9001 on manifester level check to beat foe's dispel effect (+18002), increase damage die by 4 steps (+40 DC), +8981d6 damage dice (+17962 DC), warhammer grants you a +9001 enhancement bonus to strength while wielded (+18002 DC), ignores incorporeality when striking foes and affecting them with destroy effect (+20 DC), weapon provides bonuses and additional damage only when wielded by you (ad hoc +2 DC).

You instantly create a alchemical silver warhammer with incredible destructive power known as Maxwell's Silver Hammer. Firstly, the weapon grants you a +9001 enhancement bonus to strength while you wield it. The weapon is difficult to destroy due to it's hardness of 9001 and 18002 hit points in addition to having a power resistance of 9001. When you strike a creature or object with the weapon it deals 9001d20 bonus damage (or half this amount on a successful fortitude save and power resistance applies against this damage). If the target is reduced to -10 hit points or less (or a construct, object, or undead is reduced to 0 hit points), it is utterly destroyed as if disintegrated, leaving behind not even dust to mark its passing. Up to a 10-foot cube of nonliving matter is affected, so an attack using the weapon destroys only part of any very large object or structure struck. The weapon affects even magical matter, energy fields, and force effects that are normally only affected by the disintegrate power. Such effects are automatically destroyed. Epic powers using the ward seed may also be destroyed, though the wielder must succeed at an opposed manifester level check against the other manifester to bring down a ward power. The weapon ignores incorporeality when applying this bonus damage and when striking. The saving throw against the bonus damage dealt by this weapon is increased by 9001. Your manifester level for the purpose of overcoming power resistance applied against the bonus damage dealt by this weapon and beating a foe's dispel effect made against this weapon or it's bonus damage while wielding this weapon is increased by 9001. This weapon functions only as a alchemical silver warhammer with 9001 hardness, 18002 hit points, and power resistance 9001 in the hands of any wielder but you. You may dismiss the weapon at any time.

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