Masterwork Tools (5e Variant Rule)

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A masterwork tool can be any tool listed on p. 154 of the Player's Handbook that lets you add your proficiency bonus to certain tasks. A masterwork variant of a tool is exquisitely fine, created by a master of both craftsmanship and of the skills relating to that set of tools.

A masterwork tool lets you add double your proficiency bonus instead of your normal proficiency bonus, if you are not already benefiting from double proficiency bonus, to that tool's task.

The DM should decide if masterwork tools are available for purchase, or if they are rare enough that they should be treated like magic items.

If purchasable, it is suggested that a masterwork tool's cost be 1000 gp greater than their normal listed value.

If rare, a masterwork tool might be uncommon or rarer, with all the same difficulties in buying and selling as a magic item of the same rarity.

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