Master of Darkness (5e Feat)

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Master of Darkness

Prerequisites: The ability to cast a necromancy spell or be an undead
Darkness envelops you, surrounds you and even protects you. Maybe you are a being who wants or has become a lich, a powerful wizard that seeks the dark secrets of life, or maybe, you are just a fool who wanted to use the power of darkness and death to protect what you hold dear. Nevertheless, your efforts have brought benefits to you.

  • When you are in places with afinity to darkness, like inside a closed house without lights, underground, in the night, or surrounded by magical darkness, you can choose to gain advantage on an spell attack or impose disadvantage on a saving throw if the spell you casted is a necromancy spell or deals necrotic damage. You may use this feature twice and you regain all uses of this feature after you finish a long rest.
  • You gain resistance to necrotic or radiant damage (your choice).
  • When you deal necrotic damage against a creature, you treat immunity to necrotic damage as resistance and ignore a creature's resistance to necrotic damage.

You may forgo 1 of these 3 features for the alternative benefit of:

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