Master Manipulator (5e Feat)

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Master Manipulator

Prerequisites: The ability to use a feature or cast a spell that inflicts the Charmed condition
Your control over others refuses any defiance they might pose. When you inflict the Charmed condition on a creature that shares a language with you, you gain the following benefits:

• Gain +1 to Charisma.
• A charmed creature will much more easily rationalize extreme instructions you give (i.e. giving you all its possessions, coming to your defense in combat, moving into dangerous terrain, etc). It may even accept an order that would bring certain death if you word the request calmly and casually enough that it disregards any apparent dangers of doing so, making a Persuasion check as if you were having a normal conversation.
• A charmed creature that takes damage and rolls a saving throw to end the Charm effect rolls with disadvantage, and takes a penalty equal to your Spellcasting Ability modifier.
• After a charm effect, cast by you, expires, the effected creature has no memory of being charmed by you, and assumes all choices made over the duration were made of its own volition.

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